Sir James Goldsmith Speech Referendum Party Conference Brighton 1996 FULL VIDEO


‘Cometh The Hour,Cometh The Man’

                Many of us(i know it is with myself) owe this great gent  much appreciation for opening our eyes to what was happening with our dramatic descent into EU Subjugation, Prior-1996 our mainstream politicians- (except for the few with integrity,who opposed what was happening to us as a sovereign nation)-could  and did do pretty much  as they pleased in regard the regime in Brussels. Not everyone had the Internet before 1996 and relied mainly on what we were told by the EU-fanatical politicians and their mouthpieces in the mainstream press & media. Unfortunately  the novel phenomenon of the political world & spin doctoring “New” Labour charmed its way into power in the 1997 General Election, after eighteen years of Conservative Government the country wanted a change and trusted Treacle Tony.Then Sadly Sir James passed on,but his message and aims and the awakening of the people  stayed  behind with us as did (to our great advantage) the then already lit flame of Nigel Farage & the  United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP,) To whom always we’ll be indebted  also.

                  As the news broke on the morning of Friday 24th June 2016 that to leave the EU had won the  Referendum, my thoughts turned to Sir James and how he must have been looking over us in absolute sheer delight twenty years since he made this Conference speech and now as the bossy elite traitorish remainers who don’t wish to loose their self-interested co-dependency upon the EU are attempting to move Heaven, Earth & Hell to overthrow our legal & democratic vote to leave, I am sure one bright star in the Heavens above urges we Leavers onward,  just as they do in the closing lines of his speech: “We cannot stand by and see this nation of ours surrendered, we’re just not built that way……We in the Rabble Army, we in the Referendum Party, we will strive with all our strength obtained for the people of these Islands, the right to decide if Britain should remain a nation, and let us borrow from Chancellor Kohl’s words and accept his challenge, yes, indeed this is a really big battle, but it is worth the fight.” (i.e.the fight for our independence & freedom from EU subjugation)


Courtesy Of Hudsoninbury & You-Tube

“Sir James Goldsmith Speech Referendum Party Conference Brighton 1996 FULL VIDEO”



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