The British People Rise Up!!!

pennine:  Have Only One Thing To Say To Our Current Puppet State/Coup Of Globalist-Elites:

Your mouthpieces in The MSM/Fakenews Didn’t Dare Show This!!!

Courtesy of Red Pill Factory& You Tube

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        The British People Rise Up!!!

2 thoughts on “The British People Rise Up!!!

  1. Yep, we hear ZERO news about the muslim invasion of Europe on the Fake News networks like CNN, NBC, ABC or any of them.
    This is why youtube, facebook google and others are censoring posts and content because they do not want people to know the truth…about anything!
    Keep up the great work! Also try alternative video sites like vimeo, because youtube/google is shutting down peoples sites and deleting videos all the time. Also try other search engines like as well. Google is a monster, gobbling up any competition.

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    1. Many Thanks Chemtrailssuck, i agree with you on all you say,& thanks for good advice, !!! Have heard of Duck Duck Go, Will try it, i’ve been using Startpage & its sister place Ixquick too, but seeing all they do is get you results from Google, these days results aren’t too good, because they (google)have scrubbed good sites off, So it’s mainly the Fakestream MSM newspapers etc.. that we get, but it’s still a good place if you want to check on what google has, but don’t want them throwing cookies on your pc & spying on you, seeing that Startpage act as a private proxy for you, just fetching results and they don’t track you.Take Good Care Dear Friend from pennine:-)


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