Police Whistle Blower “This Goes Right To The Top”

pennine: After watching the following video, my thoughts were: “Is it any wonder then, that brave souls such as  Tommy Robinson, Jayda Fransen & Paul Golding are being thrown into the slammer for shouting out about the child-sex grooming gangs, whose horrible crimes have been permitted to continue for years, under the noses of bigwigs of the local communities affected. It provokes the question just Who exactly are these officials either protecting or are  afraid of ?”

Kudos to Mr Wedger who speaks out in the video about his experience as a police officer and also to another police officer Maggie Oliver who spoke out regarding the Rochdale sex grooming scandal, whom like Mr Wedger has been punished for doing so. I

If justice ruled the day, these good decent souls would be given some medal & accolades, instead of  some undeserving others who have been rewarded not through good deeds but through creepy cronyism.

I’m sure that I speak on behalf of many many many people in our country, in saying to Mr Wedger A BIG THANK YOU Sir !!!

Courtesy of Gr8brit & You Tube

Police Whistle Blower “This Goes Right To The Top”


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