Paul Weston- Tommy Robinson & The Traitor Class

pennine: It’s bewildering & alarming what’s ongoing in our country at present. For years & years this sexual abuse/rape & exploitation and racism toward British & Sikh children by predominantly Mohammedan men. A majority of them of Pakistani origin -although even unto today, with the awareness there is among the wider public, the mainstream media/press still insist on referring to these criminals as “Asian,” even when their identities are fully known. Asia is a large continent composed of many individual countries, I’m sure if I was Chinese or Israeli or Burmese or any other country in Asia, it would be offensive to my ears to be hearing this serious crime of long standing being constantly referred to in this way. As bad as the crime is the way it has been covered up by authorities,(including the police) which should have done something(but didn’t.)Perhaps there is an element of political correctness to blame, people were afraid of being branded “racist” or “Islamophobic” blah blah.

But, and considering the gagging orders now put on us all, where this year alone, within six months three people, who’ve been publicly vocal against this child grooming gangs crime, (Jayda Fransen & Paul Golding of Britain First and now Tommy Robinson) have been imprisoned, and where we’re treading on egg shells on social media where the mention of unsavoury facts can get one barred and/or in trouble with the police [and watched over by the Sky-Snooping operation(police aircraft)as i have been over these past eight years at least] TPTB seem to be spending a heck of a lot of energy,time and resources in all of this,which speaking personally I find spooky in itself!!!

Courtesy Of Paul Weston & You Tube

Paul Weston- Tommy Robinson & The Traitor Class

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