The Truth About Grooming Gangs

pennine: Thank You You Kipper!!!  A brilliant expose of a horrible crime that has been ongoing for many years in our country, and if anything can be classed as equal to the crime it is that it has been permitted to happen and fester under the noses of establishments, which could have put an end to it.  BUT DID NOT, Untill they were forced into doing something because of growing public awareness. Governmentsthe Blair/Brown then the Cameron/May one (no difference between the two) Local Councils, Police, Social Services, all  knew about it but DID FECK All to protect children from these ruthless men, let alone expose their identities & communities from where they come from,i.e.predominantly Pakistani Muslims. Instead and especially through government mouthpieces in the mainstream media, British people who have worked hard for years & risked much to bring all this to  public awareness have themselves been pilloried and pariahed, demonised and derogated as “racists” for their efforts, If justice ruled this world at present time,  these people would have been handed medals.

                         Now it’s all out in the open and these dirty men are being put into prison, the injustice  sadly still carries on, as pointed out in the video one of these men given twenty years was out of prison within five years, with probably no remorse, no empathy for the lives & families they destroyed. It’s mainly native British kids & Sikh communities which they deliberately target,  but “racism” it appears, is fine by our Establishments, when it’s our bairns and those of the Sikhs who are targeted by this filth. I suppose if our government were not the cowards that they are and  had the guts to call  it what it is & who  the perpetrators are-(instead of putting them under an umbrella called “Asian”,  which if I was Chinese or  Israel or any other country on the continent of Asia, i’d feel offended, by this implication) -they’d doubtless  have   Barroness Warsi & the Muslim Council crying “Islamophobia”. How I Wish someone in our government had balls big enough to reply: “Is it any wonder people fear them when they have those amongst their communities who can’t keep their grubby fingers off our kids and when they’re not doing that, they’re whinging on how they hate us & want to behead & bomb us.”

                   Yet, is the establishment in essence conducting  a perverted vengeance on those who brought all this crime to attention?  Jayda Fransen & Paul Golding of the Britain First organisation, and now Tommy Robinson have been thrown into  prison this year, because of their campaigning against the grooming gangs. Seems these Muslim Child Grooming Gangs/Rapists are still a protected species as far as the current British establishment is concerned. Paul Golding wasn’t inside prison five minute when an attack was permitted to occur on him & Tommy we can only hope & pray will be given protection, many people, including our friends outside the UK are watching matters, and Malcolm,Lord Pearson UKIP Peer has written to the current Home Secretary stating if Tommy is murdered or injured as a result of this penalty, he (and others) will take out private proceedings, as it would be a failure of the Home Secretary’s responsibility.

                       I fear something bad is happening in our once free land, and it’s emanating from the upper echelons in power now. A group of privileged lords,along with Has-Beens politicians (in that they are no longer democratically elected to serve British people in politics)as well as those elected representatives who are totally married to the corrupt EU, sponsored by George Soros’ dirty lucre are going to move heaven & earth in attempts to overturn our democratic vote to leave the EU which occurred two years ago this month!!!

As for the scandal of the Child Grooming gangs, I fear it will continue, because there is a shortage of those with the bottle to wipe it out completely within our current rulers and from what we’re seeing in that it’s British patriots being  focused upon under the all seeing eye of the higher echelons, rather than the perverts!!! Very Strange Indeed! ! !


Courtesy of You Kipper & You Tube

The Truth About Grooming Gangs

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