Hundreds Of Aussies Rally For Tommy Robinson

pennine: Thank You Good Aussies,Kindest & Much Respect To You All.That Is True That You Point Out Why He Left The EDL Because He Isn’t A Racist,But The Fakestream Press-(which has been shut down from reporting all this concerning Tommy,& hasn’t even the balls to speak out against these tyrannical gagging orders)-Won’t Ever Mention This!!! I Don’t Know What’s Happening In Our Country(UK) Now. For Years Now, I’ve Been Unable To Switch On My Computer Internet, Or Put My Cell Phone Together(believe it or not most of the time i have it in pieces, battery disconnected,to get some peace,i daren’t buy an ipad etc.. for this purpose, as i’d not b able to disconnect the battery, with them using these things as tracking devices)-Without Police Spy Planes Appearing in My Vicinity, I’m not involved in any criminal activity (as far as i’m aware of) i’m just an ordinary person, physically disabled, not in the best of health. But have been involved in campaign work and stand on the patriot side & fear for all our kids, as the state is doing sod all in protecting them from these monsters deliberately targeting them for their uses. They’re seeing us as Kafir trash & our women and kids as their spoils of war & conquest.

& Why Is It That For Many Years, These Child Sex Grooming Gangs Have Carried On Their Criminal Trade(&Drug Dealing Too)With The Authorities Turning Blind Eyes???Councils,Police,Governments( i.e. The Bliar/Brown yrs,then the subsequent Cameron/May one)& doubtless without the pressurisation of good people in such patriot movements such as the British National Party (aka BNP,) Britain First & Tommy Robinson- (who the governments& their lackey mouthpieces in the msm/press keep alive the “racist” “Islamophobia” blah blah blah, libel, so as to pariah them)-such mass paedophilia/child-sex enforced prostitution would still be ongoing as if it was legal, as far as all these authorities are concerned. What i’d like to know is WHY are they so willing to protect the child-sex abusers so much & persecute those of us who see it as wrong and feel our kids ought be protected?Why is It That child molesting perverts walk free from being handed a prison sentence i.e.

And Tommy, a British patriot & independent journalist gets banged-up, for no good reason other than reporting OUTSIDE the court. Please note: he wasn’t inside the court breaking the discretion rules, whereby reporting on what is taking place inside of the trial itself is banned while the trial is ongoing, where anything reported at that stage could prejudice the case. Though it can be relayed to the public AFTER the trial is finished & verdicts have been given This is understandable & fair.

There are other true life examples of British authoritarian bias, Jayda Fransen (still imprisoned)& Paul Golding(just released,though has had gagging orders placed on him i understand) both (Britain First organisation ) of them imprisoned for merely shouting at convicted child-sex groomers. Paul was attacked whilst being detained in Her Majesty’s Jail-house. So seemingly no protection is given British patriots. Also a couple of years ago a lad Kevin Creghan placed inside another H.M Prison died(i’m still unsure of the cause) for merely placing some bacon on the external property of an Islamic Mosque. Am not saying what he did was right, but being thrown into prison (which cost him his life, obviously) is not only OTT but criminal (or ought to be) in contrast to the crimes the child-groomers/Jihadi are getting away with. Obviously our current government (and the Blair/Brown one afore it) has no gripe against Paedophilia, otherwise it would have been stamped out a long time ago.

Courtesy of Avi Yemini & You Tube

Hundreds Of Aussies Rally For Tommy Robinson

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