Just A Thought In Our Hour Of Need: “Feared By The Bad Loved By The Good”

                           Just A Thought In Our Hour Of Need

“Feared By The Bad Loved By The Good”

pennine: Has there been a legend of our country since Robin Hood quite like Tommy Robinson? Though his real name may be different,(for protection purposes) I feel it isn’t by accident, but perhaps by Fate, God -given, call it what you choose, this is who we’ve come to affectionately know him as.

            Robinson= Son of Robin (legendary descendant) Also in folklore was King Arthur (i believe two King Arthurs actually existed,one of Warwickshire & one in Wales/West-Country) legend has it that should our nation ever face grave danger, Arthur would return!

       Well we certainly face much danger at present time. As members of the political and elite circles, and the den (ooops House) of privileged Lords & even George Soros’ dirty lucre attempt to move heaven and earth in overthrowing our(the people of the UK) legal & democratic EU Referendum decision to leave the clutches of the corrupt European Union. Secondly we face danger because of the fact that our politicians and PTB  have moved into our once free land those of a foreign cult, which seeks dominion of the lands into which it moves into either via peaceful/deceitful means or by conquest, just as their  7th century AD  “prophet” founder did and instructed them to follow. Already smug because of their increased numbers and doubtless not short of money-(though i’d be un-surprised if many are still taking welfare handouts provided by the British taxpayers ) through drug dealing and pushing it,-they’re taking it for granted that our children are their property,to take advantage of as if they were their spoils of war, to sexually abuse and use for prostitution amongst their own dirty kind.

                      Sadly no shining knight in white armour on horseback is coming to save us, we don’t even have protection of a decent government (whose duty it is to do so)All we have is we the British people ourselves. But true miracles don’t always come with flashes of lightning and deafening peals of thunder, they happen so subtle that unless one is observant enough, they can pass by undetected, unnoticed, unseen if we’re not careful. It’s my belief that the right people come along at the right times, when there is the need of them.

At present, as Tommy Robinson sits in jail, put there by corrupt forces(who have even put a media blackout on reporting their actions) I can think of no words more suitable in describing Tommy Robinson than those describing our great legend Robin Hood “Feared By The Bad, Loved By The Good-Robin Hood” (and those who followed on the tradition) King Arthur, Robin Hood, All Our Brave Armed Service People of WW1 & 2, Tommy Robinson etc..the right people will appear in times of our greatest need.

May The Good & True God Bless & Defend Us All

Courtesy Of Hairybigger & You Tube

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