Anne Marie Waters On Our New Home Secretary

pennine: Well Said Anne Marie,Thank  You.

                  That’s quite a scary and daunting thought: Two Government Ministers in favour of easy illegal immigration into our country regardless of the backgrounds and possible danger to our own people  such people may pose. Are we offering amnesty now-(if not already, bearing in mind how Theresa  May’s government has welcomed back those who went off to terrorise  innocent Syrian people and who now walk amongst us instead of being turned around to face trial for their crimes in Syria)-to any terrorist or criminal on the run from their own nations? Isn’t it also  being a slap in the face to all who’ve come here  through the proper channels of legality?  And the only alternative to this situation is much more the same, even worse in the form of Labour’s Diane Abbot who seems to hold  a pathological aversion against white people. She appears to think we’re all “privileged” without recognising the privileges she herself has enjoyed.

Courtesy Of Anne Marie Waters, Leader of For Britain & You Tube

Anne Marie Waters On Our New Home Secretary

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