“I Am Still A Free Man,” Taunts Speakers’ Corner Muslim Thug

pennine: God help us. Here in UK there’s obviously a two tier system of justice.One of targeting & harshness toward British patriots & defenders of our cherished rights as free individuals are  being thrown into prison, banned from social media forums and treated as muck by corrupt government & establishment and slandered against by their media whores.Where challenging and speaking out against the racist child-sex grooming gangs consisting of mainly Pakistani Mohammedan men that has been permitted -[for our authorities in Social Services, Government (both on the national & local level)Police etc etc have been as much use as an chocolate fireguard]- to thrive and infest our land to the extent that no native British or Sikh child is safe anymore, can get you accused of “hate-speech.” Yet here we have a person, who appears to be a Mohammedan thug, caught on camera, with all the evidence presented to have him arrested and charged and the police do absoluterly nothing at all about it.

How sickening to find those using Speakers Corner one of our great est possessions being abused by those, who, if their cult- May God Forbid It-ever gains ascendancy in our government, our treasured Speakers Corner would be closed down to anyone not speaking their tyrannous diktat and most probably executed for free speech.

 Courtesy of Shy Society & Alt News Media


“I Am Still A Free Man,” Taunts Speakers’ Corner Muslim Thug

A Muslim thug ripped a Union Flag from the arms of a Tommy Robinson supporter before using the flag pole to attack another demonstrator, new video footage has revealed.

Three days after the attack which went viral on social media, Abdul Hamid yesterday (Wednesday) bragged on Twitter that he was “still a free man” as London’s Metropolitan Police continued their failure to act despite overwhelming evidence being shared with them after Robinson’s historic act of defiance on Sunday.

The video – hosted on Muslim news and opinion website 5pillars – was uploaded to YouTube by controversial Ali Dawah and shows Hamid wrestling the flag off a blonde woman five minutes in before discarding of the British flag and using the pole as a weapon, swinging it close to police before striking two demonstrators.

He gloated to his 300 followers yesterday that he still hadn’t been charged by police following the unquestionable act of violence. He said: “The far right needs to understand that Abdul Hamid doesn’t break that easily, keep trolling me as much as you like I’m still a free man and will be back at SC giving dawah calling people to Allah the exalted!”

“I am still a free man,” taunts Speakers’ Corner Muslim thug
Hamid boasts of the Met Police’s inaction to his followers

The news article claims to show Tommy Robinson supporters “provoking peaceful Muslim activists” despite clearly showing Muslim men covered up in hoods, scarves and bandanas saluting provocatively two minutes into the video and chanting “Allahu Akbar” at the assembled crowd.

Islamic YouTuber Mohammed Hijab, who billed it as “the battle for Speakers’ Corner” on social media ahead of the demo, claims in a speech at the start of the video that it is Tommy Robinson and his supporters constantly engaged in violence and that the Muslim community “try and be law-abiding citizens”.

He tells his supporters: “I’m here with the police, because in this country we try and be law-abiding citizens. And we’re here, as the Muslim community, trying to clear up the mess of Tommy Robinson. I have the ability, if I wanted to believe me, if the frontline here wanted to, we could have decided to penetrate the line and make it a night of violence.

“We have decided because of the British community, and because of the greater good, we have decided collectively as Muslims to refrain from violence and to ensure that the violence does not (INAUDIBLE) with these hooligans and thugs that have decided to come here with weapons to attack our freedom of speech, ironically.

“We’re here to make sure our people are not involved in unnecessary violence, that’s why we’re here. He’s doing the opposite – wherever he goes, violence follows him.

“Tommy Robinson is an ideology of fascism, and intolerance, and if Britain was to go in that direction then it can say goodbye to tolerance and it can say goodbye to multiculturalism.”

Just minutes after a minor scuffle breaks out and Hamid launches his attack which leads to more jostling and intervention from the police to calm the situation.

“I am still a free man,” taunts Speakers’ Corner Muslim thug
The moment Hamid launches his attack

In a desperate attempt to get his Islamic counterparts under control, and in a clear admission that his side were the aggressors, Ali Dawah is seen pleading on the video: “Please man. This is what he wants. He’s going to make money off this. Mohammed, make a line.”

And at one stage, another unknown Muslim man even threatens to turn on his own side, shouting angrily: “Everyone line up. We’re live, we’re going to do something, innit? Wait in a line and let’s get some organisation. We’re going to fight ourselves here. Get in a line, okay?”

Following the attack, Ali Dawah is confronted by a Tommy Robinson supporter called Amy despite being surrounded by his henchmen.

“I’m here to live in harmony and peace,” claims Ali.

“So what’s all the trouble then, over there?” she asks Ali. “Why did a Muslim hit a policeman with a stick?”

“How do you know it was a Muslim?” Ali sheepishly questions.

“Because I saw it,” Amy responds defiantly.

Watch the full video here and make up your own mind – did the Islamic group act in a civilised manner?

Shy Society.
Standing up for those without a voice in Britain

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