Twitter Removed Me Forever-Tommy Robinson


pennine: It’s scary what’s going on in our country today.Twitter likewise banned Paul Golding, the leader of Britain First, before the law of this land threw him and Jayda Fransen into prison because they had the audacity to call a paedophile ” a paedophile.” Now we’re seeing all this with Tommy.!!!

Courtesy Of Tommy Robinson,AltNewsMedia & You Tube

Twitter Removed Me Forever-Tommy Robinson


2 thoughts on “Twitter Removed Me Forever-Tommy Robinson

    1. Thank You PeRa,Things are pretty crazy here at present.(UK) State clamping down on free speech(they’d like it if no one was permitted to speak,let alone condemn the horrible crimes that Mohammedan men-many of whom are of Pakistani origin -have been up to with British kids & Sikh bairns too. Yes, you are right, Paul Golding (Britain First) was also banned from Twitter,not long after that he & Jayda were imprisoned. Whilst being detained Paul was attacked. ( i emailed the governor to express my horror at this,and hoped he would be afforded the security as is the right of anyone detained in a HMS Prison, i don’t know if she received my email or not,probably given over to the police, under the current political climate )i heard via internet he is okay now and is in a more safer place) Thanks again PeRa for feedback, i hope you are keeping well and wish you (whatever religious/philosophical views you hold) a most Blessed & Happy Eastertide. Take Care, Kindest from pennine:-)


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