Tommy Robinson: – Sadiq Khan Called an Ex-Muslim Abuse Victim a ‘Hate Preacher”

pennine:This is what we’re up against in the UK today, 2018. Just to mention certain  things are trigger words to activate the Thought-Police into action. They’ve even an insane  ruling now whereby if we utter something, which by law is not  in itself illegal to say ,  but turns into being illegal if someone is offended by you saying it  and trots off to their local cop shop to report you for offending them. Can you imagine saying “I don’t like Liverpool FC (football team) at all.” And somebody(a Liverpool fan) happens to be nearby and overhears your comment and isn’t amused at all, so they can now report you for this “hate-speech crime” This is how ludicrous it’s all becoming. You’d think wouldn’t you, Plod would have far more important stuff to busy themselves with, like  for e.g. the epidemic knife & acid attacks in London, or child sex grooming gangs up and down & the breadth of our land, rendering no native Brit & Sikh child safe because they have been racially & culturally targeted by men mainly  of the Mohammedan faith, many of them imported from Pakistan.

            Perhaps instead of the current London Mayor Sadiq Khan getting uptight at the mention of the term FGM he’d do more good if he got as upset about this sick, perverted, disgusting, & barbaric  practice and worked  toward its eradication not only in  in this country but  worldwide. Its very action  and not someone complaining about it, actually hurts far more than mere words.!!!

Courtesy of Tommy Robinson, The Real TNTV News! & You Tube

Tommy Robinson :- Sadiq Khan Called an Ex-Muslim Abuse Victim a ‘Hate Preacher”

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