Why Do LBGT Groups Never Try To Meet In Mosques?

pennine: Have just found this brilliant comment by a reader of the Conservative  Woman blog. (following my wee rant here in the editorial slot) It’s something i’ve pondered upon myself, especially when seeing some of  the LBGT group badger & bankrupt some poor hard working Christian people’s little bakery business simply because their (the Christian people) own freedom of belief is NOT respected.

                          The LBGT currently enjoy tolerance in UK & America, even by Christians not sharing their lifestyles. They may not agree with the LBGT but they’re no danger to them. I’m not LBGT but hey, live & let live, throw no first stone. Yet many Leftist LBGT -in general -do not make much fuss concerning the Mohammedans rules on their practices! Maybe they’re too jelly-bellied to do so, and consider themselves as little heroes for going for the line of least resistance-pick on harmless Christian folk. (and get themselves some dirtily- gotten lucre in the process)

                      Ahhh well, suppose it’ll have to wait until these folk are being thrown off  Big Ben & St Paul’s Cathedral (when it becomes the chief mosque in our once free nation) and are finding out it’s real. Then, and seems only Then, will they admit that the rest of us patriots -(branded by the Leftists,The Current Government & Its Lick-Spittle Lackeys In The British Police Force & Fakestream Media {aka:Mainstream Press/Media } as “The Far-Right” which automatically by their degree tags us as a “Racists” & “Criminal”s ) -presently challenging & fighting to stop Sharia Law & Islamic ruling of our land were correct all along. But as I say currently many of them on the politically left are too jelly-bellied to say or do anything right now. They’ll be happy when they get Jeremy Corbyn into power, who, will bring even more Jihadi masses into the UK, to increase votes for his party so that he gets his moments of glory-The last thing we (and they -if they’re honest and become brave) need to do is to appease the beast intent upon our destruction.

 Courtesy of  Reader ‘9 Pontiac Dream’ Letter of Conservative Woman


Why Do LBGT Groups Never Try To Meet In Mosques?

“In response to Andrew Tettenborn: Anti-gay church finds some human rights are more equal than others, 9 Pontiac Dream wrote:

‘for an LGBT organisation to insist on hiring its meeting-place from an organisation which it knows disapproves of its aims would suggest to some people either a high degree of perverseness or alternatively a propensity for mischief-making.’

Which is exactly the aim they were intending. I have noticed that LGBT groups never try to organise a meeting at a mosque and I imagine that if they did and their group was rejected, neither the council or EHRC would consider pulling funding from said mosques. Maybe this is the social experiment the LGBT society should try. Rather than attempting to organise a meeting with those it knows are against their movement but who are easy game and unlikely to fight for too long, why not state that they want to organise rallies during Ramadan or in a mosque and push as much against Muslims as they do against Christianity. Then we’ll see whether various organisations who like to grandstand will do the same with Islam as they do with Christianity and, I think, we all know what the answer is to that.”

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