REGARDING: Concerns of A Prisoner

                 REGARDING: Concerns of A Prisoner

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Subject: Regarding: Concerns of a Prisoner
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2018 22:10:09 +0000
From: penninecottage@
Reply-To: penninecottage@
CC: winnie-smith@


Dear Mrs Pennington,

                    I am contacting you after learning that  Mr Paul Golding has been attacked whilst being detained in HMP  Elmley, I understand you are the Governor of this prison?

                  As you will be aware, Mr Golding has been active in campaign work, my interest is that of a political & social researcher and have just embarked upon a Criminology study. I am concerned  for Mr Golding’s safety whilst he is being detained. His work has the potential of placing him at risk from certain other criminals and one would assume that this would be taken into account by the prison authorities and his safeguarding from harm during his detention  would be assured.

                I am hoping that what has come to my notice is groundless and that there is no basis for such rumour. But if sadly it has been the case, then I hope you will give the matter your attention and Mr Golding’s safety is given respect as I’d expect is the rightful  and humanitarian procedure for any one being detained, will be  afforded him for the remainder of his detention.

                              Thank You,

                               Kind Regards.

                               Yours Sincerely,

                              Ms B-M R- a concerned British citizen

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