Worse Than Rochdale – in Telford, Children Killed To Hide They Were Abused

pennine: Mr Johnson’s call for PM Theresa May to act upon this is welcomed. There needs to be a full & open inquiry into this & the many other cases up and down our land. We need to find out Who is doing this (albeit it is already public knowledge about the high percentage of the criminals being men of the Mohammedan culture) Why they do it. What is being done to hunt down these dirty criminals responsible to penalise them?

                That this has been ongoing for up to forty years is unbelievable!! How could the authorities in Telford NOT  have known about all of this? Where have the police been all of this time? But these are the same questions many have wondered over & over as each abused town has come to our notice.

Police in our once great nation need to get off Social Media monitoring every word we write & get out to stop these real hateful racists abusing our children and in Telford even murdering them There is NO Excuse for Government dithering, It MUST DO SOMETHING NOW Before Another Child Suffers.

            Incidentally, may I say there are two people, both British patriots currently in prison, simply for campaigning against this stinking rot that’s been permitted by our British authorities & Government to behave with impunity because the culprits know full well that if anyone complains about them, more than likelyit will be they& the victims  who will be accused of “Islamophobia! or branded a “racist.” What the hell has become of British Justice ???

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Worse Than Rochdale – in Telford, Children Killed To Hide They Were Abused

Rather than describe in detail the horrendous abuse of children in Telford,  graphically described in the press,  let me say there is burning anger in the social media about this. 

The bare facts are these.

  • One child was abused from the age of 11, dead by 13
  • Another little girl was hooked on cocaine at 12, dead at 20
  • Lucy, a mum at 14, an abused little girl was murdered  (the abuser set fire to her house) and she was burnt alive with her mother and sister.  The killer has still to be brought to justice.
  • Another abuse victim who was drugged and raped, said Lucy was a warning to other abused kids that they would be killed to prevent them going to the police. The anonymous schoolgirl said she was driven to suicide.

These are just a few examples of horrific abuse that went on for forty years.

Rotherham,  Rochdale and Oxford have all been in the spotlight because of tragedies with sex gangs.  The Sunday Mirror reports:

Up to 1,000 children could have suffered in Britain’s worst known abuse scandal – where sex gangs targeted girls as young as 11.

The rape hell of vulnerable young girls in one town – Telford – went on for a shocking 40 years.  Despite similar high-profile cases in Rochdale and Rotherham, authorities in Telford ­repeatedly failed to stamp out a network of abusers.

Mrs. May’s past history in dealing with the child abuse inquiry is not reassuring.  Now is the time for her to make amends for past mistakes. She now has the top job, so can no longer hide behind the reason that she was only obeying orders.

There has to be reassurance that action will be taken that means such terrible exploitation of our children will never happen again.  We need a statement from the Prime Minister and it is not unreasonable to expect that.

We want action – and we want it now.

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