BREAKING! May Tries To Push Endless Transition Period Through Without Cabinet Approval

pennine: We Didn’t Vote For An Elasticated Brexit. It’s 2yrs(in 4 months time) Since Our EU-Referendum.Mr Cameron Told Us If We Voted Leave, He’d Get Straight Onto The Procedure (words to this effect) And Oh How Those Words Were As Music To Many of Our Ears & Souls. Instead He Buggered Off Without Doing So, Skedaddled,Vanished., Scarpered, Disappeared Into Thin Air.We Had To Wait 3/4 of a Year Before Mrs May Made Any Move At All & We’re Still Here, No Further Forward.We Are,Uncertain If & When Brexit Is Actually Going To Happen. This Is War Now, We Might B A Rag-Tag Army Pitted As We Are Against The Wealthy Notoriety & Big Wig Moaning Remainers With All Their Clout, But Right Is Might,And No Way Can The Anti-Brexit Lot, Rogues That They Are, Have This Virtue & Armoury On Their Side.



Courtesy of CyberBoris

BREAKING! May Tries To Push Endless Transition Period Through Without Cabinet Approval

The visit of EU fanatic Olly Robbins to discuss matters with EU chiefs was a red flag.  In an exclusive in today’s Telegraph, it is reported that May is trying to push an endless transition period for Brexit onto the country without Cabinet approval.This is betrayal at its contemptible worst.  An open ended transition period? Absolutely not!  This is not and completely unacceptable from Appeaser Theresa.  It is against every pledge she has made to this country.

To make matters worse, David Davis yesterday was talking about concessions for banking if we accept free movement.

The War Cabinet are all at Chequers today day to hammer out exactly what we want from Brexit, even though we KNOW exactly what we want.  To leave the EU ASAP!  To recover control of our monies, laws and borders!  To be rid of the EU!  None of these aims will be achieved if the above suggestions become government policy.

It is left to @jivinmale to pithily sum up our dilemma!

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