Ex PM Cam Should Honour His Brexit Promises Says Peter Oborne



Courtesy of Cyberboris & Peter Oborne


Ex PM Cam Should Honour His Brexit Promises Says Peter Oborne

As Peter Oborne reminds us  in his outstanding article in today’s Mail on Saturday, David Cameron made categorical commitments to the British people during the EU Referendum that should be now honoured. 

Brexiteers are fighting a valiant rear guard action to defend what the country voted for.  Peter Oborne says:

“In such circumstances, I believe Mr Cameron should now state publicly that the commitments he made to the British people during the referendum campaign must be honoured.

Crucially, during his time as prime minister, he repeatedly ruled out a second referendum.

In a speech at the Chatham House Royal Institute of International Affairs in November 2015, he stated: ‘When the British people speak, their voice will be respected — not ignored.

‘If we vote to leave, then we will leave. There will not be another renegotiation and another referendum.’

There was no ambiguity.”

Later in the article, Peter Oborne says:

“First, he said he’d stay on as prime minister regardless of the result. He didn’t. He quit No 10 in a fit of pique within hours.

Also, he told voters that if they decided to leave the EU, the Government would trigger Article 50 (the mechanism for Britain to pull out) ‘straight away’. As we now know, it took the Conservative Government nine months until this happened. Above all, David Cameron dumped on his successor, Mrs May, what is beyond doubt the most difficult inheritance any peacetime prime minister has been asked to confront.

For all these reasons, David Cameron must now come to Theresa May’s aid. If he does not, he’ll give the impression that he covertly supports the anti-democratic campaign to destabilise the Prime Minister and prevent her carrying out the will of the British people.”

This is a very significant article, because it is true PM May is beleaguered on all sides by attacks from Remainers unfairly trying to stop Brexit.  Lord Adonis, Nick Clegg, George Osborne, Vince Cable, Anna Soubry, George Soros, the list of names trying to undermine Brexit is endless.   It is true that these are making negotiations for Theresa May far more difficult and as Mr. Oborne says, ex PM Cameron has a moral duty to speak up in support of the PM.

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