A Majority Now Supports The State Visit of Prez Donald Trump Says YouGov.

pennine: This is a brilliant result,i’m fair capped. (i.e.interpreted: very happy & glad)

It’s very sad that most about President Trump which many Brits have heard about is unfortunately only what the MSM (the Fakestream variety)& the prejudiced BBC put out. In fact I’m seriously worried about the Beeb,a once upon a time beloved British instituition, nowadays appears to be suffering from a Chronic Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder with its ceaseless whinging on in some form or another,or getting sly digs in over two issues it doesn’t like: Donald Trump & Brexit.

Thank God for the Internet, so that we can look further into matters,in search of truth for ourselves. I’d much prefer someone like President Trump in politics any day than those who behave like snakes -in- the- grass. Look at Barry Hussein Obama, who would think that under all that greasy fake charm there lurks a disciple of the Alinsky school of troublemaking? Who,-had we the misfortune of him staying in power,- have gleefully pushed us to the rear of the queue, he even made a special visit to our land to threaten us and blatantly meddle in our EU Referendum, quite an un-moral thing to do,i’d imagine,especially from one holding such high office. Then those of Mr Obama’s political party accuse the Russians for meddling in their general election and being resonsible for installing Mr Trump as President,because they’re in some kind of pathological denial and cannot accept he was elected by the good American people.

Whereas President Trump in marked contrast, holds a genuine love for the UK, I understand he has British ancestry himself. He is certainly someone I can trust as a genuine friend of Britain and we her people and he knows a thing or two about business and trade,which is excellent for us too, especially once we are finally free of the chains of the EU.True he has the courage to call a spade a spade and a rose a rose. One usually knows how one stands with such people.

One of my favourite poems is by Rudyard Kipling called IF and several points seem to speak (to me at least)of President Trump, one in particular (which also could be said of Boris too) “If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,” Both men have already qualified on this:-) Welcome, President Trump, Please Make Yourself At Home. Take No Notice Of Extremist Lefties Such As Antifa and Their Allies& Fakestream Media/Press,Many In Our Blessed Isles Respect & Admire You.

Courtesy of Cyber Boris


A Majority Now Supports The State Visit of Prez Donald Trump Says YouGov.

After the excellent interview between Piers Morgan and Donald Trump, the latest You Gov poll shows that a majority now support a state visit by the US President.   In my opinion, the antagonism to the President was never half as bad as the media made out anyway.   It was fuelled by Remainers , furious that Brexiteers have such a powerful ally in their fight to be rid of the EU.   

The figures are now 45% to 39% in favour.  Remoaners have tried their hardest to disrupt the deeply held affection of President Trump for Britain, particularly Scotland.  Remoaner Theresa May has also been less than tactful, in silly attempts to “slap down” the President.  He has just brushed her aside like a pesky mosquito.  

The President, with more tact that we are used from him, blandly remarked he would not have conducted EU negotiations as May has done,  the throwaway line of the decade.  It is generally accepted that May’s negotiating technique is such a  disaster, she is the laughing stock of Europe. Shrewdly, the President said his line of argument would be that the EU was not the great deal it was cracked up to be and never has been.

Blue collar workers are firmly behind the President,  particularly black cab drivers, amongst other groups, because they respect the fact he does not talk down to people, they find him amusing,  and they like his straight talking style.   The spin of Remoaners is just that, spin.

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