Quit Customs Union Or Face Fhe Cavalry, Brexiteers Tell May

Pennine: This is very welcomed news indeed!!! Fantastic:-) Thank you Messrs Johnson, Rees-Mogg & Gove. Hoping this applies to NO Single Market too & a substantial reduction in any transitional period (post March 29th 2019) Personally I cannot understand why we’re even having such an extension beyond our leaving date. By March 29th 2019 we’ll be 3months short of already being in three year transitional mode since we voted to leave in June 2016!!! If a bit extra time is needed to sort out the paper work then ok,but no more money should b given to this greedy corrupt club in Brussels . Our NHS needs our money more than them. Again Much Appreciation For Batting For What We Voted For.

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Quit Customs Union Or Face Fhe Cavalry, Brexiteers Tell May

Theresa May has been forced to issue a statement that we will leaving the customs union, no doubt to the fury of Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond and the civil service.   Sitting on the fence for May is no longer an option.  The PM can no longer get away with statements like “I have an open mind on the customs union” 

The Sun reports:  Theresa May was last night forced to rule out any form of customs union with the EU after Tory Brexiteers threatened a mass walk-out.

The PM had even been warned of a formal split in the Conservative party if she opted to keep Britain tied to the EU’s trading rules, which would bar us from striking new trade deals.

Making the warning very clear to Mrs May, a senior Tory MP told The Sun : “If they go for a customs union, the party will split.”

It followed other warnings from Brexiteers that the PM would face a “cavalry” of opposition from her party if she chose to keep Britain in a customs union with Brussels.

According to the Sunday Times Tory MPs also threatened to stage a coup if she rejected their calls.

They warned that doing so would see her replaced with a Brexit “dream team” of Boris Johnson as PM, Michael Gove as deputy PM and Jacob Rees-Mogg as Chancellor.

The present Prime Minister gave her word that she would deliver what the people voted for.  She has given speeches to that effect, and to renege on that would be seen as a betrayal by Brexiteers.  There is a showdown in the Brexit Cabinet this week and let’s hope for the sake of stability, that May sticks to her word.

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