Download Your Thoughts For Today From May’s Ministry of Truth

pennine: We need to observe&monitor& record all of this,for
posterity(oh there’ll be book burnings for sure, in effort to
wipe out the truth along with us) The way it’s headed, far off
future- times people, will consider we fair-skinned/haired people as
mere legend and myth in their Folklore.(If the PC diktats don’t
destroy all reference to us and re-write the history books)

I don’t mind the variety and get on well with folk of all shades &
cultures, but why is the world being moved into Europe& UK and
Commonwealth lands, when we’re not seeing influxes of white people
into Africa, Saudi, Iran and so on? America is made up of every
race & culture& colour and has generally worked well, but all
under one flag & allegiance to what is now their own great
democratic country. But what is happening to Europe.and the UK , is
lacking the same commitment & pledge to the ‘new’ country.
Though, it has to be said and applauded, there are those who have
emigrated to the UK who are, God bless them patriotic. Indeed there
are those more patriotic than many native-(often & especially of
the leftists politics) -Brits. But sadly and disastrously we’re
seeing those moving here, who have no such desire to be British.They
are here  only for the passports and whatever convenience it is to them,
some wish to take us for Islam. These who publicly burn our flag
and scream hysterically how we (indigenous Brits &our friends),
the “Infidels.” should be beheaded!!! What country can
survive, with masses of immigrants of this mentality,who obsessively
worship & emulate an Arabian bloodthirsty, violent,
expansionist of many centuries ago?

Blair/Brown Government & Theresa May as Home Secretary and now
Prime Minister have much to answer for. As democratically elected
representatives by British votes, their prior & uppermost duty
was/is in defending our country and her people, not the
implementation of the Kalergi Plan. Instead we’re under gagging
laws designed to prevent us defending ourselves, criminalizing us for
voicing truth& objecting to what is sinisterly being

                If justice ruled the day, these people & their
comrades& well paid bootlickers would be standing in some law
court on treason charges. Because they’re not, Please God, Help


Courtesy of Donna Edmunds & Conservative Woman

Download Your Thoughts For Today From May’s Ministry of Truth

                By Donna Edmunds – January 29, 2018


Rejoice! Our benevolent leaders have seen fit to create a Ministry of Truth, well versed in the latest Newspeak, for the benefit of us lowly citizens so that we may know which opinions are acceptable and which fall into that fearsome category known as ‘fake news’. There’s no need to protest. I’m sure you currently feel it takes very little effort on your part to go through the available news channels and sift fact from fiction yourself, but that is only because you have not yet been freed from the onerous burden of independent thought. Relax! A new era is on the horizon. From now on the correct opinions will be delivered directly into your social media news feed, ready and waiting for you to plug in and download as you go about your day. If my tone leads you to conclude that I am jesting, think again. On Wednesday a Downing Street spokesman revealed that the ‘dedicated national security communications unit’ will be tasked with ‘combating disinformation by state actors and others’. There is little information at this point as to the exact nature of the disinformation the government wishes to counter, nor who are the ‘others’ who might be releasing it. However some clues were presented by the spokesman when he added: ‘We are living in an era of fake news and competing narratives.’ Lest anyone be in doubt as to where the government stands on free speech, the following day the Home Office responded to a petition calling for the rescindment of ‘hate speech’ laws and the enshrinement in law of the right to free speech with the following statement: ‘The Government is committed to upholding free speech, and legislation is already in place to protect these fundamental rights. However, this freedom cannot be an excuse to cause harm or spread hatred. ‘A hate crime is any criminal offence, for example assault or malicious communications, which is perceived to be motivated by hostility or prejudice based on a person’s actual or perceived race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity. The Government takes hate crime very seriously.’ The petition runs until April, and as I write it needs close to 84,000 more signatures to force a parliamentary debate. A generous person may at this stage wish to suggest that such moves are the province of the civil service, which is well known for believing that any problem can be solved by more legislation. But as if explicitly to disabuse people of such a notion, the Prime Minister has weighed in on the matter. In Davos, she told her fellow leaders that shareholders should consider ‘the social impact of the companies they are investing in [ . . . ] And they can use their influence to ensure these issues are taken seriously. ‘For example, earlier this month a group of shareholders demanded that Facebook and Twitter disclose more information about sexual harassment, fake news, hate speech and other forms of abuse that take place on the companies’ platforms.’ She added: ‘This is fundamental to the proper functioning of markets, choice and competition.’ The problem here is twofold. Firstly, it is clear that not a single person of influence in Whitehall took note of Jordan Peterson’s recent ‘gotcha’ moment against Cathy Newman, in which he explicitly stated why free speech – including the right to speech that may offend – was so crucial to a well-functioning society. ‘In order to be able to think, you have to risk being offensive,’ he pointed out. Secondly, America’s founding fathers wisely engineered the institutions of government so that power could not reside solely in any one quarter. They did this because they were well aware that while they themselves might be decent and honourable men, there was no guarantee that their successors would be. This is something that the present government may wish to consider very closely, especially in light of how close Jeremy Corbyn and his cabal of Marxists came to taking power last summer. They may find that the big guns they are currently lining up against their ideological enemies in time are turned against them.

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