Boris Right On The NHS – Forget The Politics Mrs. May

Courtesy of Cyberboris

Boris Right On The NHS – Forget The Politics Mrs. May

The NHS has been in dire straits for years, and everyone knows that.  More money is needed, and I can tell from my own surgery,  doctors and nurses are buckling under the strain.  This is the harsh  truth, but yesterday Philip Hammond was still insisting it was all fine and no action would be taken until after Brexit.  That could be years. 

Boris has continually spoken up about this,  he raised the issue during the EU Referendum with the suggestion on the battle bus and recently he spoke out again.  He warned May that unless she acts now, demonstrating commitment to supporting the NHS, Labour will win the next GE.   It’s that serious.  Corbyn has made the NHS the spearhead of his campaign.  

It appears that the only aspect of this issue that concerns Mrs. May is the politics.  She knows that Boris is fighting for the NHS, so her reaction seems to be to block what she would see as handing Boris a coup.  The fact that millions of patients are suffering isn’t entering the equation.

Boris did right to highlight this issue, and in public.  The Tories are being humiliated over Mrs. May’s handling of Brexit, and the refusal of Hammond to offer any more help to the NHS and the way he delivered the verdict looked completely heartless.

It’s the patients that matter.  Not the politics.   Once again, as with the Tory manifesto, also influenced by heartless Hammond,  Mrs. May is making a huge mistake.  Does she never learn?   Listening to Hammond before the last GE lost May the Tory majority.  This is worse,  so if  you go down Mrs. May,  don’t say Boris didn’t warn you.

UPDATE.  Political Editor Trevor Kavanagh said in the Sun today:  Boris Johnson’s cry for NHS cash was a shining moment as Theresa May bumbles through the dark.

The Foreign Secretary has shown strength and decisiveness on key issues where May and her Cabinet of ‘boiled rabbits’ have shown weakness

The Spectator and The Times vigorously back Boris Johnson over the NHS and say he has a point.

A fiery Jeremy Corbyn attacked Theresa May today at PMQs for being in denial and for failing to grasp the dire state of the NHS.

He threw in her face that Boris Johnson is right!  The NHS needs money, it needs support and it needs it now!  For once, was cheering Jezza on!   May’s only reply was the same old cliches!  An NHS that works for everyone she bleeted, like a lamb about to be led to the slaughterhouse.

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