Video: Women’s March Protester Wants to “Kill Trump” in Pursuit of “Communist Utopia”

pennine: In a time where sending out a non-leftist Tweet speaking on some truth can make us guilty of “Hate Speech” Why aren’t these women spewing not only real hate speech but incitement to murder being tracked down and arrested and charged accordingly? They want a “Communist Utopia” Pity their college tutors & leftist professors didn’t teach them about the millions of innocent eastern European – many of them Christian which atheistic leftists  hold a pathological hatred toward – slaughtered in its installation or taught about Stalin’s Collectivism purges. They want Communism, will someone please buy them a one way ticket to North Korea.

Courtesy of Paul Joseph Watson & DC Clothesline

Video: Women’s March Protester Wants to “Kill Trump” in Pursuit of “Communist Utopia”


“It’s guillotine time, bitches”


A protester at the Women’s March in Los Angeles who was carrying a sign that said “kill Trump” openly spoke of her desire to see the president assassinated in pursuit of a “communist utopia”.

Approached by video journalist Austen Fletcher, the young woman, who has dyed purple hair, explains that her sign reads, “Kill Donald Trump,” “Kill Mike Pence” and “It’s guillotine time, bitches.”

“I think we should kill Donald Trump and then we should also kill Mike Pence because I wouldn’t want him in office either,” she states.

The woman then rambles about how capitalism “tries to make money off of the struggles of women of color,” before confirming that her ideal political system would be a “communist utopia”.


As we have previously highlighted, violent threats aimed at President Trump have been encouraged by a media narrative that has downplayed and in some cases justified violence aimed at Trump and his supporters both before and after the 2016 election.

Assassination threats targeting Trump have become so normalized that many on the far left appear to believe it’s perfectly acceptable to call for the murder of a sitting president, with even prominent journalists joining in.

According to U.S. Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles, Trump is the target of around six to eight serious assassination threats per day, a number which doesn’t include other threats posted on social media to which officials aren’t alerted.


Fletcher’s complete video is full of examples of protesters at the women’s march who had absolutely no idea what they were even protesting against.

As Infowars reported, while many of the demonstrators had little to offer in terms of cogent arguments, they did leave behind a substantial amount of soy related trash.



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