Let’s Do It! Macron’s Excited Response To Boris Suggestion Of An Anglo/French Bridge


I quite like the idea.The sight/site of a bridge spanning over one of the busiest sea-lanes of the world would be spectacular & a great work of engineering skill. It would need to be quite high too, to allow the passage of ships underneath. I can almost see Mr Isambard Kingdom Brunel (one of my great heroes of all times) smiling over this one!!! The first time i traveled over the Forth Road Bridge i suffered a panic attack,finding the experience all so overwhelming. So emphatically awesome.Surely the meaning behind the phrase breath-taking! It certainly took my breath away!!.

The only snag being, my grave concerns over the security of our country. Won’t it simply mean that the rest of the world’s people including terrorists & vagabonds who see our blessed abode as “Treasure Island” & a muggin’s  free for all (except for the indigenous natives who have contributed greatly in taxes& hard work over the past centuries) as a more convenient and pleasant route-(especially if they suffer claustrophobia too much to take the chunnel) -to get here?

Though in principle,a great idea if we can afford it, good for business & trade & tourism, and in the spirit of adventure. As pointed out in the article: “The bridge would be a killer blow to Remoaners and the whining Guardianistas, who bleet we are leaving the EU to become isolationist! ” We’d hardly be building bridges if we were guilty of those accusations of the Remoaners. Yet in reality with the terrorism threat to our lives and our culture threat-(many of us don’t want to be subjugated to the encroaching Sharia Law) -albeit that these threats are already planted on our soil, and especially since our government has given precedence to returning Jihadi terrorists before our own legal soldiers, we’d be equally justified in building a wall for our defence.

Courtesy of Cyberboris


Let’s Do It! Macron’s Excited Response To Boris Suggestion Of An Anglo/French Bridge

French President Macron is hugely enthusiastic about the idea from Boris Johnson to build a bridge linking across the Channel.  Boris told his aides it is absolutely ridiculous that the only link between our countries is one railway link! When Boris floated the idea at the summit, an excited French Prez said immediately “Let’s do it!”

Boris was obviously a huge hit with the French, charming them with his fluent accentless French and no doubt, knowledge of French literature and the French mediaeval poets.  As Mayor, every time he went to France, he was mobbed. 

Ever positive Boris tweeted yesterday :  En marche ! Great meetings with French counterparts today!

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