David Cameron: There Will NOT Be A Second Referendum On The Brexit Terms

pennine: “Once In A Generation Choice” “British People Your Decision.No Body Else’s,Not Politicians,Not Parliament,Not Lobby Groups,Not Mine.” (Mr Cameron’s.)

“Just You, You The British People Will Decide.” “The British People’s Voice Will Be Respected.” ” There Will NOT Be Another Referendum.”

Are some of the guarantees given by Mr David Cameron the then Prime Minister of Great Britain In November 2015 regarding our EU Referendum forthcoming June 23rd 2016.

Some of these pledges have already, been broken in the form of disrespect being shown to us by Remain Politicians, We (EU Leavers) have been vilely insulted from Tony -Tantrum- Blair to Vince Cable (ooops sorry, now Sir Vince Cable,) And others. And now even Nigel Farage ex-leader of the UKIP Party is conceding to the call for a second referendum in an effort to calm the Remoaning Remainers down!!!

The decision that over Seventeen million of us took on June 23rd 2016 for the liberty of our country& for our people is far too precious to be wasted on a gamble. One thing is certain-and other people know and have spoken it too -is that had the Remain In EU voters won that Referendum  there is NO WAY that a second Referendum would even have been under discussion right now. If There Is To Be Another Referendum On The EU Issue, Then It Must Be Written Down And Recorded As One Of The Greatest Injustices Dealt Upon The British People in Our History, By Politicians Behaving As If  We’re Living Under An Oligarchy.

Courtesy of British Prime Minister (2010-2016) Mr David Cameron & You-Tube

David Cameron: There Will NOT Be A Second Referendum On The Brexit Terms


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