Obama snubbed – He Will Not Attend Royal Wedding

Obama snubbed – He Will Not Attend Royal Wedding

Ex President and Michelle Obama will not, according to Sky News this morning, be invited to the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle.   Sky gave the wrong reason, they said this is because it would cause offence to President Trump.

Remainer supporting Sky, of course,  ignores what is probably the real reason.  Obama is now loathed by thousands because he interfered in our democratic process, insulted Britain, and tried to bully us to stay in the hated EU. 

Hauled over here by ex PM Cameron, (patronisingly dismissed as a lightweight by Obama by the way) the move to use Obama to influence us was a fiasco.  So overbearing was the ex Prez, he descended to threats – we would be “at the back of the queue” if we dared to vote to leave.  This to the country who has stood beside the US unflinchingly for decades, a country whose solders have shed their blood in American causes.

Obama’s arrogance and presumption probably significantly increased the Brexit vote.  The British people do not  take kindly to being dictated to.  We dig our heels in and do the opposite.  When it was announced that Obama and his wife might be invited to the wedding, there was a furious and outraged reaction from insulted Brits on twitter.  Obama is loathed for his intervention and Prince Harry himself was vilified for at best, his utter naivety and stupidity.

The Canadian paper Narcity said:  However if it’s one thing we know about Harry, is that he marches to the beat of his own drum so he’ll likely invite whoever it is he’d like to have attend.

Forget it!  Our Queen would never allow her people to be insulted, even if Harry is too insensitive for such considerations.    What the Queen says still goes.  We will not be seeing the faces of the smug, ineffectual Democratic Prez and his wife at the Royal Wedding and a major Royal crisis has been averted.

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