Twitter BOASTS About Helping Jeremy Corbyn and Labour In General Election Social Media War

 pennine: Well, Well, Well, a confirmation of the obvious!!! All the censorship, deletions of tweets,& outright purges on people, has nothing to do with “offensive speech” at all. But it has everything to do with Twitter batting for Leftist Politics.


Courtesy of Sam Sholli & Express Newspaper

Twitter BOASTS About Helping Jeremy Corbyn and Labour In General Election Social Media War

Corbyn, Labour, TwitterGETTY

Twitter has bragged about how it helped Labour

TWITTER has bragged about how it helped Labour win the social media battle ahead of June’s general election.

In a section on its website called “success stories”, Twitter claims that the Labour Party used its “First View” service “to get out the vote on polling day” on June 8.

According to Twitter, the First View service gave Labour “exclusive ownership of Twitter’s most valuable advertising real estate for a 24-hour period”.

Twitter has denied claims of political partisanship by saying that its service was a commercial product available to all political parties.

A Twitter spokesman said: “First View is a paid-for advertising product that means when users first visit the Twitter app or log in to, the top advertising slot in their timeline will be from that advertiser’s brand.

“This is a commercial product available all year round and is used regularly by a range of advertisers, and during elections we often see our paid-for advertising products used by political parties to reach a wide audience of voters.”

Tom Lavelle, Head of Digital Campaigns at the Labour party, said on Twitter’s website: “Twitter First View allowed us to reach everyone in the UK.

“We were also able to ensure our message was the first thing people saw when going onto Twitter.

“This gave our message cut-through and impact at times people were travelling to and from home — to get them to go to their polling station.”

The news has come after the Conservatives were criticised for running a far less effective social media campaign than Labour in the lead up to June’s general election.

Data from We Are Social, an agency, revealed that the Labour Party increased its following by 61 per cent across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the six weeks after the election was called. The Conservatives’ following rose by just six per cent in the same period.


Jeremy Corbyn, Labour, TwitterGETTY

The Labour Party used Twitter’s First View service

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