6 Refugees Arrested, German Police Smash ‘ISIS Terror Cell Plotting Attack’

pennine: It was always going to be a grave dangerous risk that Mrs Angela Merkel took in flinging open Germany’s (& by  default all EU countries)doors to countless  foreign strangers under the guise of “refugees.”The late Colonel Gaddafi sounded a warning that terrorists would mingle in with refugees and flood Europe. We watched  in despair & trepidation the  hordes of young men (soldiering age) pouring  into Europe.

                                 Poland,Hungary & The Czechs & Slovakia in their wisdom in closing their gates to the (mainly Islamic) invasion are to be applauded and congratulated(what i would give to have  a government with such courage & foresight in defending  the UK the same) I wonder if these six potential murderers are Syrians nationals, or are their fake IDs those of innocent Syrians whom they possibly murdered.? The best way of dealing with these terrors is to hand them over to the Syrian authorities for them to put on trial, if they have murdered Syrian civilians, i don’t think they will be receiving the cushy hotel, 3 square meals a day type  in Syria as they would in a British or European jail & please don’t any snowflake plead for them to come here in asylum as ‘refugees’ we have already seen how as “refugees” they were preparing to show their gratitude to a nation which warmly greeted them. They deserve not our pity. Hard of me to say this perhaps? No, reality and justice for the innocents of this sad world compels it!!!



Courtesy of Westmonster


6 Refugees Arrested, German Police Smash ‘ISIS Terror Cell Plotting Attack’

They were ‘preparing an attack with weapons and explosives in a public place’.


BREAKING: German security forces have arrested 6 refugees in the towns of Kassel, Hannover, Essen and Leipzig, the six are believed to be part of an ISIS cell planning to carry out a terror attack in Germany.




The refugees, all believed to be Syrian, were arrested in Kassel, Hannover, Essen and Leipzig.

The attorney general said they are suspected of having ‘prepared an attack with weapons or explosives on a public target in Germany’.

500 police officers were used in the raid – they took laptops, phones and documents.

German media is reporting that police have come across many suspects who came to Germany using false documents and that they had actually been active ISIS fighters in Syria.

More to follow…

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