12-Year-Olds Given ‘Converting to Islam’ Assignment, Parent Called ‘Racist’ for Complaining

12-Year-Olds Given ‘Converting to Islam’ Assignment, Parent Called ‘Racist’ for Complaining

RIP, Britain.


A stepfather of a 12-year-old girl in the UK has been called a racist for opposing an assignment given at her school in which the class was supposed to write a letter about converting to Islam.

According to Daily Mail:

Mark McLachlan, 43, complained to Kepier School in Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland when he found the homework task in his stepdaughter’s planner.

He refused to let her finish the ‘letter to my family about converting to Islam’, claiming it was ‘brainwashing’ her about the religion and did not see what it would achieve. 

But since posting about it on social media he says he has received a lot of abuse.

He told MailOnline: “My wife and I are terrified of the repercussions. Any time anybody says anything negative about Islam they are torn to shreds. I’ve been called a racist and a bigot, but I’m just terrified for my children and for the way this country is going.”

McLachlan said he can unfortunately envision a time when Britain turns to an Islamic state and forces his children or grandchildren into “wearing a niqab.”

Also of concern, the stepfather said, was how the teacher told the class to research reasons to convert to Islam on Google. He imagined the horrible things his daughter might see in the web search. 

“My stepdaughter is coming home talking about the Prophet Muhammad and halal meat saying Islam is the religion of peace,” McLachlan said. “But if she watched the news and knew about all the atrocities Islam has caused all over the world, she would know it isn’t the religion of peace at all.”

The school’s principal, Nicola Cooper, said it is “very important to introduce our learners to all faiths and cultures and we do this throughout the academic year” and stated the school celebrates “all faiths during National Inter Faith Week.”

Cooper has “welcomed Mr McLachlan into school earlier this week and were happy to explain to him how we explore all faiths and cultures.”

But it’s still not sitting well with the father:

“I know as part of the national curriculum they have to learn about all religions. I just don’t see why they should ask a child to write a letter addressed to their family about converting to another religion. I really just don’t see what the letter will gain. 

“If they want children to learn about Islam, then go teach them all about it and its history. What I don’t want is a school asking my stepdaughter to look into reasons for converting to another religion. Like every parent, it is our decision on how we raise them and once they are old enough to make decision, then it is there choice.”

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