UK ‘Loses’ 56,000 Muslim Migrants Due for Deportation, Including Over 700 Ex-Cons

pennine: It’s not good enough that files- & in this case illegal foreign   citizens who should have been deported- can simply disappear “just like that” as one of my  favorite celebrities the late-great Tommy Cooper might have said. During the Labour Blair/Brown years, mislaid files became a common occurrence. according to a BBC News Report: (to name a few)









2009 Prisoner Medical Records went missing.

End Quote.

In Rotherham  Prof Alexandra Jay, writing about the horrible sex-grooming attacks on  under aged children  said that minutes from key  Council meetings had disappeared.


No surprises there considering that the non-actions of the authorities  in defending innocent kids from the racist(mainly Pakistani Muslim) male pedos of the town, were (imho) nothing  short  of  criminal.

Goodness knows where all these missing files ended up.Did they go onto criminal hands? Common Purpose operatives? Maybe now being used for  identity /fraudulent purposes? Isn’t it time that  loosing vital data was treated as a criminal offence? If such information has  become  lost through incompetence, then the thought that it could be treated as a punishable offence might just make those responsible  take  much better care of them. In this particular case, the mind boggles as to how so many illegal  immigrants, 700 of them with past criminal records could have just disappeared. The greatest enemies we have in the UK are these establishments supposedly in charge of running the country!





Courtesy Pamela Geller


UK ‘Loses’ 56,000 Muslim Migrants Due for Deportation, Including Over 700 Ex-Cons

By Pamela Geller – on November 9, 2017


In 2013, British Home Secretary Theresa May, who is now the Prime Minister, banned me from entering the country because my pro-freedom voice was not considered “conducive to the public good.” But the British government is not nearly as vigilant when it comes to Muslim migrants, including those already shown to be criminals.

Why didn’t they keep closer track of these migrants? Was it because of the same reason that they let Muslim rape gangs run wild and destroy thousands of British girls, without facing any consequences whatsoever — because they were afraid of appearing “racist”?

The British government has made it abundantly clear that it is not racist. But it has not made it at all clear that it is sane. Or that it has the slightest degree of interest in protecting British citizens from jihad attacks.

What is most baffling is that there is no significant pushback. Theresa May’s principal opponent, Jeremy Corbyn, is even worse. So the land of the Magna Carta truly is dead: the British people don’t even have the choice of voting for someone who will actually defend Britain.


Churchill must be turning in his grave that the party he led and the state he managed is welcoming and aiding the very same kind of enemies of freedom he fought against and warned against all his life.

“UK ‘Loses’ 56,000 Migrants Due for Deportation, Including Over 700 Ex-Cons”, by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, November 3, 2017:

Amber Rudd’s Home Office has lost track of some 56,000 migrants who were supposed to be deported, including over 700 criminals.

The situation was exposed by Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration David Bolt, the Telegraph reports.

Bolt, a veteran of MI5, the National Criminal Intelligence Service, and the Serious Organised Crime Agency, noted that of roughly 80,000 foreign nationals scheduled for deportation and required to check in regularly with officials, 55,974 are so-called declared absconders.

This means their “whereabouts are unknown and all mandatory procedures to re-establish contact with the migrant have failed”.

Bolt further noted that there is “little evidence” the authorities are taking any action to locate the vast majority of these individuals.

5,728 of those scheduled for deportation but at large in the community are so-called “Foreign National Offenders”, or FNOs, and they contribute over 700 people to the tally of missing migrants.

Of 9,288 planned removals of FNOs in 2016, fully a third were unsuccessful, with Bolt noting that their removal “is regularly frustrated, often by last-minute legal challenges, and monitoring non-detained FNOs effectively is a challenge and one that raises obvious public protection concerns.”

Bolt offered the authorities responsible for monitoring migrants some sympathy, observing that “the numbers required to report routinely mean that it is extremely difficult for staff at reporting centres to ensure that reporting events are ‘meaningful’, in terms of encouraging voluntary departures or resolving barriers to removal.”

His reports do indicate there may be a somewhat lax attitude towards monitoring, however, noting one case where a foreign criminal missed 19 appointments in a row any before any action was taken.

Despite statements from ministers that Bolt’s findings make for “difficult reading”, this issue is not new in Britain.

Labour Home Secretary Charles Clarke was forced to resign after it emerged that some 1,023 foreign criminals who should have been considered for deportation were released from prison and into the community back in 2006 — after heavy criticism from Tory opposition politicians like David Davis, who now sits in Cabinet.

Current Home Secretary Amber Rudd does not seem to have been put under much pressure by current failures, however, with mainstream media coverage of the scandal being fairly minimal.

Similar issues have been observed in other Western and Northern European countries, with reports that Germany has lost track of as many as 30,000 illegal migrants, and Finland admitting it had lost track of 5,300 migrants after the Turku terror killings.

Members of the public are often surprised to discover that migrants scheduled for deportation are left free and not detained pending deportation — especially where criminals are concerned.

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