Gang Of Cowardly Brutes ‘Of Asian Appearance’Force Way Into Brit Woman’s House, Beat Her Savagely And Loot The House

pennine: Perhaps it’s quite in order & natural to savagely beat defenceless  women in these- (i can’t call them ‘men’ in the gentleman sense of the word)- creeps’ culture, but it is frowned upon in civilised societies.I hope their karma will visit them soon & with equal brutality.

           It’s  notice in the reports, the usual description: “appeared to be Asian” If i was a person of one of the many countries that make up the continent of Asia, I’d feel offended by the constant repetition in describing these habitual criminals as such. Why not just describe them as “Brute Foreigners” Or “Brown Brutes or Rapists/Psychos” or whatever. Experience has taught us (by their very own examples & actions) that ten to one these criminals will be of a certain cult and ten to one we’d be correct.

Courtesy of Robert Spencer

Gang Of Cowardly Brutes ‘Of Asian Appearance’Force Way Into Brit Woman’s House, Beat Her Savagely And Loot The House


In his book While Europe Slept, Bruce Bawer reports that Muslim leaders in Norway tell their people that “Islamic law gives them the right to abuse the infidels’ system as much as possible — the right, in Kheir Sajer’s words, to ‘cheat and lie to the countries that harbor them.’ They are told to view the benefits they receive as jizya — the tributes that the infidel natives of Muslim-occupied countries are obliged to pay to Muslims in order to preserve their lives.” As commanded by the Qur’an (9:29).

And besides welfare, the Infidels may be robbed as well. UK jihad preacher Abu Hamza once said: “If a kafir person (non-believer) goes in a Muslim country, he is like a cow. Anybody can take him. That is the Islamic law. If a kafir is walking by and you catch him, he’s booty. You can sell him in the market. Most of them are spies. And even if they don’t do anything, if Muslims cannot take them and sell them in the market, you just kill them. It’s OK.”

The Islamic State has told Muslims to steal from Infidels and send them 20%, in accord with the Qur’an’s rules for booty.

“Brit woman, 21, dragged by hair, kicked, punched and duct-taped to banister in gang attack,” by Tom Evans, Daily Star, November 4, 2017:

A GANG barged their way into a woman’s house and left her with brutal injuries as they battered her until she opened the family safe.

Sophie Wakefield was home alone when she opened the door to a man pretending to be delivering a parcel on Friday morning.

She was suddenly ambushed by five other men in a horrific attack at her home in Cheltenham shortly after 6:30am.

Terrified Sophie was then battered black and blue while the men repeatedly shouted “where is it”.

She led them to the safe but got the combination wrong several times, prompting one of the men to threaten to hit her harder.

When she eventually opened it, the men were “cheering like in a football match” and reportedly said “we’re going to make a lot from this”.

Her family had left to go on holiday to Gran Canaria that morning and her younger sister, Kirsty, 19, was staying with her boyfriend.

Her friend Emma Austen told Gloucestershire Live: “It was just awful. She was dazed and she had knuckle marks on her head.

“Sophie was sat under her dad’s desk, curling up in a ball. She was thinking, ‘Am I dreaming?”

She added that Ms Wakefield’s parents have been trying to get flights home but have not been able to yet.

“They can’t deal with it too well, being in Gran Canaria,” Mrs Austin said. “They have been ringing me in bits.”

Her parents have now offered a £5,000 reward for anyone with information.

The men responsible appeared to be Asian and aged between 23 and 27….

End Report.

Courtesy of Robert Spencer

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