Why White Fragility is Nonsense: (Part 2)

Courtesy of Aussie Conservative


Why White Fragility is Nonsense: (Part 2)

White fragility

Whites are disproportionately and inaccurately blamed for historic sins:

We hear plenty about the Trans- Atlantic slave trade, and of the wicked crimes committed. While these were reprehensible acts, little is ever mentioned of local African cooperation to make this practice possible. Similarly, it is seldom acknowledged the Arab slave trade was longer and more damaging than the Trans- Atlantic. Yet when were Arabs last admonished for these sins as whites routinely are?

2 months ago the media ravaged members of #UniteTheRight, when they protested the removal of General Robert. E Lee’s statue. For defending their cultural heritage, those on #UniteTheRight were uniformly smeared as bigots, due to the statue’s links to the old Confederacy and thus slavery. However, when ISIS destroyed ancient buildings in Palmrya, the entire international community stood in outrage (and rightly so). But given these were ancient monuments, they were almost certainly constructed using some slave labour. Evidently, bashing slavery is only fashionable when white people are the culprits.

Arguably the West’s greatest achievement, has been its unique capacity to solve the problems it earlier spawned. For it was Western civilization which produced tyrants, and later solved this through developing democracy and the rule of law. Western civilization so too spread slavery, but Britain was the first country to end this practice, and the West ended global slavery via the League of Nations after World War One. The West also oppressed women and minorities which was addressed by the first wave of feminism, and the 1960’s civil rights era. The West also followed in the footsteps of all other powerful civilizations before it by colonizing the world, which although spread democracy, technology, and civility in part, was responsible for destroying cultures, creeds and ethnicities all over. But, as nationalism rose amongst colonies in Africa and Asia after the Second World War, the West voluntarily withdrew (in most cases). Until this point, internationalist politics and sovereign borders had largely been an afterthought in colonialist ambitions, but it was the West which decided that individual peoples could determine their own destinies.

Despite this, the history of colonialism is frequently used to castigate Western civilization. Modern discrepancies, whether they be wealth inequality, or police brutality both at home and abroad are often attributed to colonial legacies. One only has to consider the growing moral outrage against Christopher Columbus, who has been decried for ‘spreading genocide’ to the Americas. But for all the genuine ills that colonialism brought, Western civilization has made overwhelmingly positive contributions to peoples’  lives.

As prior to colonialism, modern medicine, science, technology, entertainment, sport, education, democracy and due process were largely absent. We can romanticize about Indigenous culture and criticize the West all we like, but evidence dictates the world which precluded Western colonialism was far less civilized, fair and advanced as that existing today. If Leftists truly longed for a world bereft of the Western, capitalist, patriarchal, racist, misoygnist, homophobic influence, then they could buy up remote agricultural land, and live as impoverished native nomads once did. But don’t expect this anytime soon, as those critics either deliberately or carelessly fail to follow the course of their own logic. Moreover, Leftists using modern tools to rail against whites, through an environment secured by whites, is not without irony.

Likewise, we regularly hear from Leftists that ‘diversity is our strength.’ And simultaneously, that white culture’s legacy is that of evil, hatred and racism. But herein lies the most fundamental of contradictions. Despite this purported love for cross- cultural collaboration, without Western colonialism that kick-started unprecedented globalization, melting pots present today across Europe, America and Australia, would never have prevailed.

While common sense would prevent the Left from utilizing this narrative both ways, it remains nonetheless. Such is the scope of the disproportionate, irrational, and frenzied critique of Western civilization’s historical standing.

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