pennine: Heck, will these EU-fanatics ever give it a rest? How many hammers & chisels does it take to drill into them that the final decision was sealed Independence Day June 23rd 2016!!!  Seeing that the British people were never consulted or asked  in the first place if they were wanted to be part of  and governed by a Political European Union, that score should read EU Leave 2, EU Remain 0.

                                           Someone recently telephoned the  Nigel Farage LBC show in cynical tone to tell him”You’re Dangerous.” He was amused at this and  replied (words to the effect) ‘ Oh yes being dangerous because of believing in our democratic rights.’ In that sense all 17.4million of us are “dangerous”  in exercising democracy.

                                But, Alas, the ones posing the real danger, in its sinister  connotation are the EU addicts,(those in power positions, some like Gina Miller who are unelected officials) in fact I’d venture further in saying they are not to be trusted-they are traitors to  our nation Britain & we her people.
                               Thank You Mr Atkinson In Letting Us Know What These People Who Are Supposedly Our Political Representatives In The UK Are Up To.


Some 306 amendments and 58 new clauses have been tabled to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill mostly by MPs bent on frustrating the will of the people and stopping Brexit. The weasely words “but what kind of Brexit, hard or soft…?” were not uttered when we joined in 1973 “what kind of entry? hard or soft?” – we simply lost our right to govern ourselves and have our own borders or seas. Now the reverse is what the British people want and hundreds of MPs, while claiming to accept it, are trying to stop it.

But some – like the New Clause 49 sponsored by the Eurosceptic Labour MPs Frank Field, Ruth Smeeth, Ronnie Campbell, Gareth Snell and Kelvin Hopkins seek to aid the process and make it quite clear that “The UK ceases to belong to the European Union on 30th March 2019”.

These 5 Labour MPs also sponsored a new clause 51 which demands that every 6 months after leaving the Government should review “all EU legislation and decisions still applicable to the UK with proposal for re-enactment, replacement or repeal by the UK Parliament”. This is a blow on behalf of open law making which of course the Eurofanatics around Edward Heath (in 1972) and John Major (in 1992-93) deliberately and specifically abandonned.

They covered up the implied repeal of many fundamental laws and statutes of the British Constitution by European Treaties so they could not be discussed. (see the book Treason at Maastricht – the destruction of the Nation State on Amazon). Now, when we are withdrawing from those decades of deceit and illegality, these obnoxious hypocrites claim they are “restoring” that parliamentary sovereignty which they and their kind took (quietly and deceitfully) from the British people.


Amendment 53 seeks to frustrate Brexit by demanding a separate vote on a NEW treaty with the European Union before the Act which bound us into the EU is repealed. The sponsors are:

Chris Leslie, Mike Gapes, Neil Coyle, Peter Kyle, Ben Bradshaw, Stephen Doughty, Paul Farrelly, Catherine McKinnell, Tom Brake, Edward Davey, Jamie Stone, Chuka Umunna, David Lammy, Angela Smitjh, Vince Cable, Ann Coffey, Chris Bryant, Caroline Lucas, Ian Murray, Stella Creasy, Jo Swinson, Catherine West.

These people never understood the concept of Leave means Leave. They ignore the referendum result. They even ignore the votes in parliament which acknowledged we are leaving! They never understood the concept of the sovereignty of the people (they think Parliament rules the people not the other way round!). They seek to ignore the simple instruction: “Leave” and instead fabricate some arrangement with the EU which will in effect mean we don’t leave!

Another wrecking Amendment seeks to perpetuate the customs union and external tariffs of the EU AFTER we leave. This would mean of course we had in fact not left and would be unable to negotiate trade deals with other countries or reduce import costs.

The sponsors are as above except for the additional names:

Stephen Timms, Stephen Gethins, Rushanara Ali, Seema Malhotra, Helen Hayes,

Another bunch of spoilers seek an amendment (78) to prevent leaving unless we join the European Economic Area and remain within the Customs Union. This would mean continued mass migrations under “freedom of movement” and customs tariffs and being prey to EU legislation over which we had no influence and demands for money in return for being able to trade with the EU. (The weak EEA countries at present pay a ransom to Brussels to be able to trade!)

The sponsors are:

Hywel Williams, Lize Saville Roberts, Jonathan Edwards, Ben Lake, Caroline Lucas, Joanne Cherry, Jamie Stone

The same names come up again and again. They are almost exclusively Labour MPs and the Green MP Caroline Lucas plus Welsh and Scottish Nationalists. This same group of MPs in another amendment would give the devolved assemblies of Scotland and Wales a VETO on Brexit!

In another amendment Jeremy Corbyn, Mr Nicholas Brown, Keir Starmer,
Jenny Chapman, Matthew Pennycook and Paul Blomfield betray exactly what the Remainers see in a “transitional” period. Theresa May rightly sees not a transition but an “implementation” period (although she seems to have proposed obedience to EU law even then!) but these Remainer labour MPs are clearly accepting continued membership of the EU for another 2 years!! Naturally they think they may be in power by then and can reverse Brexit.

Equally that same group of Labour MPs make this quite clear in their Amendment 278 which states that what they want is neither a transitional nor an implementation phase (in any sense of those words) but continued membership:

“The exit day appointed must not be before the end of any transitional period agreed under Article 50 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.”

One of the more stupid ideas is the Amendment (304) proposed by the CONSERVATIVE MP Cheryl Gillan which would:

“enable UK Courts to refer matters to the European Court on or after exit if those matters related to an act before exit day”.

This is so all embracing and vague in defining such laws that virtually any issue could be said to relate to previous, pre Brexit EU laws or regulations thus guaranteeing virtual EU Court rule for ever! Of course the amendment says “enable” rather than require but given the politicisation of our judiciary on this matter we know how most of them would act!

Similarly a group of Lib Dem and SNP MPs Joanna Cherry, Tom Brake, Sir Vince Cable, Jo Swinson and Sir Edward Davey have put down an amendment (137) which states:

“When interpreting retained EU law after exit day a court or tribunal shall pay due regard to any relevant decision of the European Court.”

These MPs, while (suddenly and hypocritically) finding they support the British people’s right to a sovereign parliament to stop Brexit, nevertheless seem to dismiss the idea of UK Courts interpreting UK Law and instead want other foreign courts to help decide our law!

The Labour MPs Chris Leslie David Lammy Ian Murray, Mike Gapes Helen Hayes
Mr Ben Bradshaw Stephen Kinnock, Chris Bryant even want to shadow ALL FUTURE changes in EU and EEA law when we are a member of neither!

“which would otherwise have amended provisions or definitions in UK law had the UK remained a member of the EU or EEA beyond exit day.”

The Following Tory MPs Mr Dominic Grieve Mr Kenneth Clarke Nicky Morgan
Anna Soubry Antoinette Sandbach Stephen Hammond and Dr Sarah Wollaston join the following:

Chuka Umunna Joanna Cherry, Liz Kendall, Kerry McCarthy Mr Ben Bradshaw Mr David Lammy Tom Brake Sir Edward Davey Seema Malhotra Jeremy Lefroy Caroline Lucas, Harriet Harman, Stephen Doughty, Catherine McKinnell, Angela Smith, Stella Creasy, Sir Vince Cable, Ann Coffey, Jamie Stone Robert Neill, Paul Farrelly, Ian Murray, Mike Gapes, Helen Hayes Stephen Kinnock Mr George Howarth Jo Swinson, Susan Elan Jones, Chris Bryant

“To allow challenges to be brought to retained EU law on the grounds that it is in breach of general principles of EU law”.

This is yet another example of permitting permanent influence or indeed control over our sovereign Parliament by the EU long after Brexit.

The list of amendments and new clauses is interminable ! Most of them do not clarify or even accept Brexit but are deliberately intended to block or neuter it. The MPs who promote these amendments should be held accountable to the Public by the 70% of voters who wish Brexit to proceed. Their names must therefore be publicised widely in national, local and regional newspapers.
Dominic Grieve
Kenneth Clarke
Nicky Morgan
Anna Soubry
Antoinette Sandbach
Stephen Hammond
Dr Sarah Wollaston
Jeremy Lefroy
Caroline Lucas
Kerry McCarthy
Tom Brake
Liz Saville Roberts
Jim Fitzpatrick
Helen Hayes
Angela Smith
Stephen Gethins
Sir Vince Cable
Seema Malhotra
Patrick Grady
Daniel Zeichner
Jo Swinson
Peter Grant
Sir Edward Davey
Kerry McCarthy
Mary Creagh
Ben Bradshaw
Darren Jones
Ruth Cadbury
Catherine McKinnell
Angela Eagle
Madeleine Moon
David Lammy
Stella Creasy
Ian Murray
Ann Coffey
Karen Buck
Stephen Doughty
Angela Smith
Ian Blackford
Joanna Cherry
Patrick Grady
Kirsty Blackman
Jamie Stone
Kate Green
Rushanara Ali
Chris Leslie

Tulip Siddiq
Sir Edward Davey
Chris Bryant
Heidi Alexander
Mike Gapes
Barry Sheerman
Stephen Kinnock
Catherine West
Chuka Umunna
Lisa Nandy

Ian Blackford (SNP)
Paul Farrelly
Patrick Grady (SNP)
George Howarth
Sir Vince Cable
Heidi Allen
Angela Smith
Daniel Zeichner
Robert Neill
Alistair Carmichael
Harriet Harman
Kirsty Blackman
Liz Kendall
Catherine West

If you have a physical and mental constitution strong enough to read the whole list of Amendments and new clauses, here it is:

House of Commons Public Bill Committee Amendments ……


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