May Breaks EU Deadlock By Exploiting EU Fear of Boris Johnson

Courtesy of Cyber Boris

May Breaks EU Deadlock By Exploiting EU Fear of Boris Johnson

There has been a definite shift in the Brussels deadlock, as wily Theresa May played an ace.  She pointed out that carry on the way that they are, and she could be removed and replaced by their worst nightmare!  The fear that Boris Johnson will be next PM  shook EU chiefs so badly, they dropped their silly posturing in a flash, to become Mrs. May’s new best friends.  

Oddschecker shows that Boris is in the lead to follow Mrs. May as Tory leader and next PM.  EU chiefs know that in Boris, the UK has a superbrain, up to every dodgy manoeuvre in a flash, who will not shift an inch where British interests are concerned.   Like every other Brexiteer, he will fight for our rights like a tiger.  Months ago, he suggested cutting off EU payments and his speciality is putting the boot in if this country is being mucked about.  

As Mayor, Boris was hugely successful in raising billions for London.  When Osborne insisted he was going to cancel Crossrail,  Boris threatened to walk out, and meant it. George tried to kick Boris into line by cutting off London funding.  Vain hope!  Boris is a world class salesman.  George’s gaffe just spurred Boris on to embark on trade missions, mission that were so successful, billions in investment and millions in funding flooded into the capital.

In the end, Osborne caved, and became a passionate convert  of the Boris policy of the importance on building infrastructure and the value of trade missions.

Sadiq Khan tried once, couldn’t raise a sou, so gave up.  Not a lot of fighting for British interests there then.

Mrs. May is to be congratulated for her Machiavelian ploy. She does seem to have shifted a brick wall of a deadlock, and that, in itself, is a miracle.  How far it will get us is another matter, but the mood of the negotiations has definitely changed.

Owen Paterson, John Redwood, Dan Hannan, Bernard Jenkins are putting in spectacular performances whenever they appear on tv.  On Good Morning Britain, Owen Paterson was so forceful, Chuka Umunna was absolutely mangled.

Mrs. May must continue outwitting EU Chiefs and stick to her guns.  In Boris, she has a howitzer in reserve with a proven record of success. Let Bojo take over from David Davis, and start putting the wind up them.   Boris saved London from recession and made us the number one city in the world.  The humiliation tactics of EU Chiefs should no longer be accepted, May should walk out at the next sign of bad treatment.

A  combination of charm from May and tough tactics from Boris could be just the way to jump start negotiations.  Cut off EU payments if they keep making ridiculous demands.  He will do it.  And if they think they are getting a divorce payment, the answer is a big fat NO.

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