REPORT: Mother Faces Jail For Refusing to Vaccinate Her Children

pennine: No one should be forced to have vaccines. Especially in this case where this brave mum obviously feels her child could be harmed by them.I hope there is some campaign group supporting her & her stance.

Courtesy of Jon Anthony & Silence Is Consent


REPORT: Mother Faces Jail For Refusing to Vaccinate Her Children


A Detroit mother could now be facing jail time for refusing to vaccinate her 9-year-old son, after a judge ordered her to do so within the next week.

Many Americans have been wary of vaccinations after a sharp rise in autism over the past two decades. While some claim that vaccines are necessary to bolster a child’s immune system, others claim there are dangerous vaccine side effects, due to toxic substances such as mercury, formaldehyde, and other carcinogens used as additives.

As the debate has raged on, most agree that it’s a parent’s right to choose whether or not their child is vaccinated—but according to an Oakland County judge, this may not be the case.

“I would rather sit behind bars for standing up for what I believe in, than giving into something I strongly don’t believe in,” Rebecca Bredow told a local radio station. “God forbid he were to be injured by one of the vaccines. Then what? That’s what scares me.”

After refusing to vaccinate her son, Bredow was threatened with jail time by an Oakland County judge. According to 92.7 The Van, a local radio station in Detroit, she’s been given one week to comply with the judge’s orders, otherwise she’ll be facing jail time.

(Reuters) – A Detroit mother must vaccinate her 9-year-old son by next week under a judge’s order or she could go to jail, according to media reports.

Rebecca Bredow, a mother of two, told WXYZ-TV on Wednesday that she had one week to get her son vaccinated under an Oakland County judge’s order as part of legal fight with her ex-husband.

Bredow and her ex-husband, James Horne, separated in 2008 and have joint legal custody, according to ABC-TV. She says he wants their son to receive all of his vaccinations but she is opposed.

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