UKIP Congratulates AfD On Entry To Bundestag

pennine: As well as Mr Crowther I wholeheartedly congratulate AFD (Alternative For Deutschland ) The leftist fakestream  no doubt are about to throw a dicky fit & the usual slanderous slurs & the usual  demonisation process to be in full swing. I don’t know all the policies of AFD, but know sufficient to comprehend that the poor native German people, who are the ones having to live with all the many “refugees” Mrs Merkel is bringing  into the land, On the contrary Mrs M lives a life of Riley contrasted to those  unprotected weary of the  ingratitude,crime, the terrorism, the sexual abuse & rape of women & kids. I wish AFD well & hopefully they’ll be enough of them in political power to be able to effect a better deal for the good German people. The Left paint anyone who is  defensive of their own country & people as “Far-Right” & Nazi/Fascist. Judging by the increasing violence from Anti-Democratic  Leftist protestors & its elite-guard Antifa (who have the most in common with the Nazi-Socialists) it’s time it cleaned its own back yard.



Courtesy to Steve Crowther & UKIP

UKIP Congratulates AfD On Entry To Bundestag

Published Sep 25, 2017

The interim leader of UKIP, Steve Crowther, has congratulated the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) on achieving its electoral breakthrough and entering the German Parliament with 13.5% of the vote.

“Like UKIP, the AfD offers a balancing force within its national politics which has been skewed towards the centre-left consensus. This is a brave move in Germany, whose politics has been overshadowed by the Nazi era. It shows that the people are no longer prepared to be ignored and coerced by the liberal left.

“It is telling that the AfD vote comes from all age groups, is driven by former non-voters as well as disillusioned conservative and left voters, and comes largely from the employed and unemployed working class.

“Once again, the elites are learning that democracy actually means listening to the majority, no matter how much they despise their vulgar attitudes.”

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