Bill Gates Believes Britain Will Be a World Beater After Brexit

pennine: Well, well, Great turnaround! Thank You Mr Gates & for your generosity & faith in our universities:-) Great News Indeed!!!

Courtesy of Cyberboris

Bill Gates believes Britain will be a world beater after Brexit

Bill Gates has been big enough to make a monster U turn over Brexit.  At first, he spoke out against Brexit, but the billionaire now believes Britain will go from strength to strength to lead the world.

The Sun reports:  Gates, 61, also said he had donated £750billion to the top universities in Britain “because they’re the best”.

Gates had said leaving the EU could jeopardise our booming science community but now feels the excellence of research can continue.

He highlighted universities in Liverpool, Edinburgh and London as well as Cambridge and Oxford where his philanthropic organisation has donated £750billion.

The 61-year-old told the Telegraph he chose them “because they’re the best at doing lots of this important work”.

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