Obama-Linked Group Launches Horrifying Attack On Hurricane Victims

pennine:  Maybe it’s a safe bet, to say that no one with  compassion could blame any hungry person especially those with bairns to feed & clothe,  in desperation  taking  a loaf of bread/food to stave off starvation or a blanket/item of warm clothing to offset hypothermia brought about through adverse weather or any disaster.
                             But for those who deliberately   use a bad situation in order to go on a pilfering fest  of goods non essential to survival and in the process gut kick the owners of little business working hard for a living, who are also already  suffering  due to the devastation caused by  the storms,& who ultimately will be the ones paying for what cold calculating criminals grab for free at their expense, is a  very unfair situation indeed!
               For any organised body such as this Colour of Change to be champion & defender of  such  criminals  seems sinister.

Obama-Linked Group Launches Horrifying Attack On Hurricane Victims



Color of Change was founded by Van Jones in 2005, and both the organization and its founder have been controversial. Van Jones later became Obama’s special advisor for Green Jobs and again came under criticism from prominent Republican figures and mainstream news outlets for his radical views and statements.

Here is the problem with Color of Change’s current petition: The organization is not talking about people who are going into grocery stores and taking a loaf of bread and some water. They are actually defending those people who are going into grocery stores and looting the registers for cash, or stealing electronics.

Tom Llamas, of ABC, officially reported that there was looting taking place in Texas and the people of Color of Change lost their minds, posting their petition. The petition is essentially accusing Llamas of “looter-blaming.”

The petition reads, “We are asking you and reporter, Tom Llamas to issue an apology. Instead of reporting on the desperate circumstances of Hurricane Harvey with compassion, he actually diverted first responder resources that could be used to save stranded families–and called the police on victims searching for food.”

As previously mentioned, these folks were not looking for food. They were busting open registers and stealing money. There is video footage of them committing these criminal acts.


Furthermore, the reporting needed to happen to protect the people who might be in the area during the looting. If these people are willing to break into homes and businesses to steal money, what is to stop them from attacking an innocent flood victim?


The kicker is that Color of Change brought up the point that local authorities stated they would arrest anyone who is caught looting. They will face jail time for their actions, period.

It is almost as if Color of Change forgot how the justice system works. Despite Hurricane Harvey, if you go into a store and empty the register, you will go to jail. There is no question about that, so why is this different?

The Daily Mail reports that arrests are already happening across the state. There have been forty people arrested for breaking into both homes and businesses.


On top of everything else, the city has also told the people who are still in their homes to beware of people who are pretending to be fire fighters or Homeland Security special agents.

No one should be supporting people who are stealing from others and potentially harming them for their own benefit. Hurricane Harvey brought most of the country together, but this behavior cannot and should not be tolerated.

The State of Texas is not having it and will arrest anyone who thinks they are above the law. We shouldn’t support those who tolerate that criminal activity either, even former Obama advisors.

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