Where Is The Concern From Sadiq Khan Over The Ever Rising Rape Count From Uber?

Where Is The Concern From Sadiq Khan Over The Ever Rising Rape Count From Uber?

An explosive story in TAXI magazine accuses TfL of snatching the publication to conceal the truth from Londoners about the rising rape count.  It also prints the shocking allegation that Uber is not reporting the extent of rapes and sexual assaults by its drivers to the Met.  Where is the concern of the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, over the rising attacks and sexual assaults on Londoners?

Every member of the London Assembly has voted that this situation must not continue.  Sadiq Khan renewed Uber’s licence for 4 months and it is up for renewal again in September.  Mr. Khan could pull the licence tomorrow if he wanted to.  

The fear is that the Mayor is letting Uber be because of the huge sums he makes from Uber licences.  Boris Johnson was an exceptional fundraiser, he raised £500 million + for Londoners.  Sadiq Khan has failed to raise a penny, so money is obviously a problem for him.  There are also rumours (unproven) that TfL makes sure some minicab drivers fail the language tests they must take so TfL can claim the £180 fee two or three times.

Sadiq Khan promised that Uber only had to transgress once and he would pull their licence.  That promise looks laughable now.  The safety of Londoners should be the priority.  George Osborne is no longer Chancellor, and his penchant for Uber is no longer a stumbling block.

TAXI magazine said:  The seizure of TAXI newspaper for telling the truth shows whose side TfL is really on.

Sadiq Khan must hold a high level investigation and show he is not only obsessed with money by pulling Uber’s licence.  This is a terrible, appalling situation.  As Mayor, he has a duty of care, and Uber has had enough chances.

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