Politicians Are Elected To Serve The People – NOT The Other Way Around


Courtesy of Cyber Boris


Politicians Are Elected To Serve The People – NOT The Other Way Around

Whatever her failings, PM May knows how to smother issues by inaction.   Her talent, illustrated by her immoral behaviour during the child abuse enquiry is kicking awkward issues into the long grass.  With Brexit, she has dithered so long, she has played into the hands of Jeremy Corbyn.  Abandoning his decades long opposition to the EU, Corbo now is now coming out for soft Brexit, and a possible 4 year transition period.

Boris Johnson is the only senior figure in government opposing this policy.  David Davis, Rudd, Damien Green, are all falling into line with Hammond, who has never ever accepted Brexit.   Corbo, bullied by Kier Starmer,  is allying himself with hated figures like Tony Blair, Hezza, Major, and establishment figures like the Governor of the Bank of England, the Civil Service and the BBC. Their aim is to keep us in the EU. 

Politicians are elected to serve us, not the other way around. It was our democratic right to say if we wanted to stay in the EU or not.  To the horror of the establishment, 52% voted to leave the EU, and that number has increased, not declined.  The situation now is that with Releavers, the country wants Brexit and as soon as possible.

What politicians think or say now is immaterial.  They seem to forget, the EU Referendum was our chance to make our voice heard, and their role now is merely to execute our decision.

As Peter Oborne pointed out in his powerful article today, the future of British democracy is at stake.  Our politicians obviously need a short sharp lesson in the rights of the people. In this instance, we decide, not them.   For the sake of their careers, let’s hope our politicians get their heads straight and do their duty, before it’s too late.

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