Facts You Didn’t Know About General Robert E Lee

pennine: There is a feeling that there was more than  the slavery issue,that needs delving into further. The North  had slaves too, and it wasn’t Confederate ships back and forth over the Atlantic bringing the slaves from their homeland.

                        The provision of schools interests me, it reminds me of the Lead mining industry,here in the North of England less than a couple of centuries ago,wherein some of my ancestors were employed.The conditions & pay were not good, it was not much better in places than slavery. The Socialist like to show it as an example of Tory  Capitalist exploitation,(as if  the conditions of the Communist Siberian mines were any better and that Stalin’s Collectivism was some paragon of virtue) Yet, the mine owning companies provided schools for the children so they could be educated and someday lift themselves out of impoverishment. They offered hope.Many of the lead miners were talented with mechanical skills & many were Lay preachers for the abundant chapels scattered about in the lead mining areas.

                 The moral is, anyone providing or advocating education for  the less fortunate can’t be that bad of a person. A tyranny behaves in opposition to people being helped in education and broadening the mind. A tyranny would, i’d imagine behave in opposition, expecting the suppressed to know only the rules of the oppressors. Just a thought.


Courtesy of Photonfeast & You-Tube


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