Naz Shah “Unfit For Public Office”


Courtesy of UKIP

Naz Shah “Unfit For Public Office”


Published Aug 23, 2017

Anti CSE campaigner and MEP Jane Collins has called for the resignation of Labour MP Naz Shah, saying her behaviour on Twitter “shows a repugnant lack of concern about the survivors of horrific child sexual exploitation.”

“I am sickened that Labour has not learned its lesson about looking after its constituents rather than looking after its core vote,” said Ms Collins, who last week said her former opponent in two Rotherham elections had been right to speak out about predominantly Pakistani British grooming gangs.

“I have spent a lot of time talking to the survivors of CSE in Rotherham and they are brave women who were treated so badly by so called ‘services’ in Rotherham, including South Yorkshire police and the borough council, I wonder they have any faith in the institutions in this country at all.

“The reason many were not helped and instead subjected to years of vile abuse including child rape, having petrol poured over them and being threatened with firearms is because some in the authorities either did not take their complaints seriously or did not, in the words of former Rotherham MP Dennis MacShane want to “rock the multicultural boat.”

“Multiculturalism has failed. There should be one rule of law in this country, and that is UK law. What we need now is integration not politicians saying it is acceptable for one group of people in this country to break the rules because it does not fit with their cultural or religious dogma.

“To have someone in Westminster, who has already been suspended once by Labour for anti semitic comments, who is now supporting a narrative telling survivors of CSE to in effect ‘shut up’ despite the fact the perpetrators are scheduled for appeal, that grooming gangs are only now being brought to justice in some parts of the country and when we have evidence it is still going on in places like Rotherham shows to me that she is unfit for public office.

“We are still a long way from getting justice for all the survivors of CSE and my message to them is ‘speak out, say it loud and point the finger at those who let you down.’


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