Carlisle Man Sent To Prison For Burning of Koran

pennine: Granted this unjust imprisonment happened some six years ago, but it has to be said,this is how TPTB ruling us at the moment treats its own people in their own indigenous ancestral home. While at same time, the invited invaders were burning our flag, burning poppies, sexually abusing our children, calling for their antique laws to rule our land while the authorities were turning a blind eye , and would probably still be turning the blind eye over those abusing our kids in-mass, if not for the watchful eye & attention drawn to it by those the establish would(unjustly) slag of as “Far Right” “Racist” etc..etc…This unjust  imprisonment is not the only one,Kevin Crehan was thrown into prison (where he sadly died) for simply putting a bacon butty outside a mosque. These punishment are way too severe, there are people doing violence & perversion on innocent defenceless people being given light penalties (if any at all, in some instances.) The scales of justice in our land currently are way too lopsided.


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Carlisle Man Sent To Prison For Burning of Koran

A Carlisle man has today been handed a 70 day prison sentence after stealing a Koran and setting it alight in Carlisle City Centre.

Andrew Leslie Ryan, 32, of Summerhill, Carlisle, pleaded guilty to the theft of the Koran from the Lanes Library and to setting fire to the book as he stood at Carlisle Cross outside the Old Town Hall in Carlisle City Centre, shortly after midday on Wednesday 19th January 2011.

After witnesses saw Ryan set fire to the book, police arrested him shortly afterwards and he was subsequently charged.

Today, he was handed a total of 70 days imprisonment. He has sentenced to 70 days for burning the Koran and 30 days for the theft of the Koran with both running concurrently.

The investigation was led by of Carlisle CID. After sentencing, Inspector Paul Marshall said: “Today’s result shows how seriously we take hate crime in the county.

“This incident was highly unusual for Cumbria as we have such low levels of hate crime in the county. However, when it does occur we investigate thoroughly so that offenders, and the local community, know that hate crime will simply not be tolerated.”

Many of Ryan’s supporters have expressed their disgust at the sentence on Twitter today, claiming it to be too harsh when compared to the Muslim extremist Emdadur Choudhury, who burned poppy wreaths on Armistice Day and shouted abuse during the two-minute silence, he was fined only £50.

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