Unite The Right Press Conference

pennine: Seems If You Are White You Aren’t Allowed To Be Right, Unless You’re  Prepared To Be Slagged Of For Being “Racist,” “Supremacist,” & Every Other Slanderous Terms.

                                      Every Other Peoples Of the World Can Have Identities To Be Proud About & Celebrate Openly. Permitted Even   To Keep Their Own Countries & Territories Free Of Other  Identities  Encroaching & Becoming Dominant.

                             I Have Fondness Of People Whatever Colour, Creed, Country,Culture & Respect All. After All At The End of The Day We’re All One -Human Race Capable Of Following Goodness Or  Evil, The Choice Is Within Each Individual. What I Cannot Understand Is When People Of Certain Colour Stand Up For Their Human Rights & Dignities & Defend Themselves & Their Kin & Indigenous Heritage, Automatically  They Are Branded Everything Bad. I Saw A Twitter Post Recently, Someone Posted, About British Police Targeting The “Right” (of Politics.)Well,  Being Simply A Patriot,  If You’re  Fair-Skinned & Hair, Voting To Leave The Corrupt EU(Despite  People On The Left, Centre, Or Outside Any Politics Also Voted To Leave The EU.) & Try To Follow Christ,& Distrust Socialism, Dislike Communism, Don’t Bake A Cake For Someone & A Hundred & One Other Weird New Laws Under The Regime Diktat Of Political Correctness,  Is Quite  Enough To Warrant You Being Hung On The  “Rightist” Peg & Therefore Fall Under The License Our Police Seem To Have Acquired For Themselves To Snoop On You, Watch All Your Internet Activities, Nosy Into Everything You Are Writing & Saying To Family, Friends & Social Media.Watch You  From Their Ever Present Spy-Planes & Technological Devices.

  It’s Out of Order Though, Once Upon A Time A Person Was Innocent Until Proven Guilty. Nowadays Once They Put You On The “Right” Hit List This Makes You Guilty Automatically. If Our Plod Force Wish To Do Some Real Work  Why Don’t They Target Real Villains (Nay Leftist Terrorists) Of The Like Of  Fascist-ANTIFA???

Courtesy of Mr Jason Kessner of Patreon.Com & You-Tube

Unite The Right Press Conference

Jason Kessler


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