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pennine: I couldn’t agree with you more Thoughtfully, recently hearing President Trump’s ”Take no sh*t” thunderings  to the North Korean leader(who doesn’t-admittedly-seem to be a full sack of potatoes) the thought comes to me that on the Jihady scene  with their attacks on us (UK) this year & as yet another case of the Moslem Child-Sex -Grooming Gangs (this time up here in the North-East in Newcastle-on-Tyne) has been unearthed, we could do with someone like President Trump and his attitude as our leader, to shout at these people, who’s parents were welcomed into our little country,and given state benefits to many of them, yet repay us by thinking our kids are put into this world for them to use & abuse, after all we’re only “white trash” (or Sikh”trash” -because Indian Sikh communities have been targetted by them too) to them. Even  the Labour MP & Islamophile  Sarah Champion & the BBC finally admit there is a racist problem against the British people by these & actually name them (usually they’re referred to as “Asians” which could mean anyone from Japan to Joppa) but they at last have actually admitted that the main perps of this  nasty crime are Pakistani Muslims. I couldn’t believe my ears when i actually heard it said on my radio listening to BBC news the other day.

           Now this is where we could do with President Trump’s verbal thumpings (along with a few deportations back to these people’s ancestral homes,after all this is where their loyalties abide, for they sure have no love for Blighty & its people)But in dealing with another Asian-this leader of North Korea, perhaps he needs handling with tongs. Not always one for the appeasement policy, when it comes to bowing & scraping and fawning over tyrants, on this occasion I do feel that  maybe a little more ” Look Mr Kim, we don’t want any bother with you or  your country…etc etc…” Might cool things down. There are innocent American people’s lives at stake & any retaliatory measures (or pre-emptive ones)  won’t hurt the North Korean dictator, but his already under-the-iron-thumb people.

   It’s an enigma how measures have been taken by our leaders to  take out Colonel Gadaffi of Libya-  (Disgusting & Criminal, Shame on our UK’s David  Cameron & America’s   Hellary Clinton !!!) -who was doing us no harm, nor threatening us & putting Islamic terrorists into Syria (again no threat at all to us) to topple Mr Assad, with the title of the operation given “Arab Spring.” Why Can’t this same  Isis/IS  project be put into North Korea to bring about the  crazy leader’s downfall? Though shame of it is, if it was the same ones put into Libya, Iraq,Syria they can’t be trusted to keep their hands off innocent civilians. But if such tactics can be done over lust  of the  oil, & pipelines & gold (Colonel Gadaffi was all about adopting gold as currency i believe?)then surely intelligence could do something  to remove-or at least tame-  someone actually threatening to throw bombs & nukes across the face of the Earth.



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Scary Times

RUSSIA and China have developed a plan to put an end to North Korea’s repeated threats and are urging the US the join them.

It’s getting a bit tiresome.
The world knows North Korea is dangerous but making constant threats of war and ramping up the tensions by someone who seems to have forgotten an election promise i.e “America First”. I don’t like it one bit.

I’m one of those who welcomed that promise of “America First” as a downshift in world tensions but what is happening here doesn’t sit well with me.
I suspect it also won’t sit well with others.

Trump has absolutely no idea, outside of CNN news (which he seems to abhor), what nuclear war will do and as such needs to STFU and stop trying to be all ‘macho’ because he’s a mere beginner compared to the world’s despots.
They on the other hand have little restraint when being threatened and facing B.S.
That and little regard for human life.

I’m also thinking every time Trump runs off at the mouth, Russia and China come out on top by sorting out ‘his problems’ by largely ignoring his bluster, using their own version of diplomacy, or efficient military intervention.
I’ve actually not got a problem with that as every time the US (or even the UN) gets involved mission time runs into decades not months.

Someone needs to either rein him in and stop the US military top brass from feeding him the misguided notion that they have actually won anything over the last 30 years.

3 thoughts on “Scary Times

  1. I too read the blog entry, but the blog had gone private and I respect the blog’s desire for privacy.
    The timeframe is immaterial, as war or petty conflict are not a contest on par with football (soccer) or other sporting event. Decisions by previous US presidents were usually cash-driven by industry. Now, with protracted and chronic open threats against the US by North Korea, and nuclear missile attack the means, the US certainly does in fact have, Due Cause, for preemptive strike against NK, and the International Court of the Hague, would see it exactly as it is, with the NK dictator a most serious criminal and terror actor.


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