JK Rowling Lies; Claims Trump Ignored Disabled Boy in Wheelchair

pennine: Huh- If you can’t find anything bad in President Trump,just make it up, eh? Disgusting. I suppose this author is so used to writing fiction for a living that she finds it hard to switch off:-(

Courtesy of Paul Joseph Watson & DC Clothesline


JK Rowling Lies; Claims Trump Ignored Disabled Boy in Wheelchair

Fact check: Trump spent most time out of anyone with the kid

Author JK Rowling is hysterically lying about President Donald Trump, claiming he deliberately ignored a disabled boy in a wheelchair.

Video of Trump meeting a group of children shows him immediately walking into the room and bending down to greet the disabled boy.

However, Rowling trashed Trump on Twitter, commenting, “How stunning, and how horrible, that Trump cannot bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who only wanted to touch the President.”


She then went on a blubbering rant about how Trump was a “Monster of narcissism (who) values only himself and his pale reflections. The disabled, minorities, transgender people, the poor, women.”

One problem with that; Rowling is talking absolute shit.


The clip Rowling is referring to is from a different moment when Trump obviously cannot see that the disabled boy is reaching out to him.

The earlier clip, which Rowling did not post, clearly illustrates how Trump spent the most time with the disabled boy out of anyone else in the room.

Rowling’s attack on Trump once again exposes her as a melodramatic, virtue-signalling witch who poses as a great humanitarian yet is really a vile person who is forced to lie about others to make herself look good.

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Rowling has yet to respond about whether she will take in Syrian refugees she claims to care so deeply about.

The Harry Potter author, who is worth around $1.2 billion dollars, owns multiple mansions and has umpteen spare bedrooms yet hasn’t volunteered to house a single migrant.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

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