Courtesy of Unsilent MajorityTV-You Tube

Published on Feb 16, 2017

The ball earth has never been circumnavigated from South to North in a true non-stop complete loop. This should have been accomplished, and could have been very epic as far as proving we live on the spinning ball they say we live on. To the North, we know they have a wall in place known as AIRSPACE, so basically the US and Russia are not buddies here on the ball, but they are buddies when they are faking space together in the bullshit ISS right? So basically this video will show more evidence and proof, that a TRUE NORTH SOUTH CIRCUMNAVIGATION has never been done. I will show the reasons why, and how it makes zero sense that it has not been done. The funny part is.. all the agents/goons and trolls that show up trying to create the illusion that there is a fight against the questions we all have.. due to the observations.. NONE OF THEM ever bring up Ranulph Fiennes, NEVER! HAHA, they see us talking about FULL EXPLORATION.. which they also ignore.. they try and skate around it.. they never pulled up good ole Ranulph to present to us as some counter evidence to us saying we need to FULLY EXPLORE, they know this is not good evidence.. they know it proves nothing, but in fact it does prove something VERY IMPORTANT.. that is.. there is ZERO EVIDENCE TO PROVE THE SPINNING BALL.. so when the ballers are avoiding opportunities to point something out as evidence to try and prove their ball.. we will take the evidence and lay it on our table as more evidence against the ball! So goons.. trolls..agents.. you will not post here, you will not have your say here, make a video.. tag me if you have something to say.. some insult.. or something to get off your chest. Got that? If you don’t like it too bad jack! DEBATES ARE OVER! IT’S ABOUT MORE EVIDENCE AGAINST THE BALL ON THE DAILY, waking people up.. as long as it takes.. who cares.. the goal is FULL EXPLORATION! You will NOT STOP IT!

Thanks Daniel Pratt for bringing this topic up on your channel! I told you I would do a video to highlight your point because it is a great point!

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