‘HAARP’ TTA’s in Antarctica and Australia Creating Havoc for Solomons, Santa Cruz & New Zealand ???

Pennine: I am indebted to this good lady for her brave stance in putting this video out to help make people aware what some wicked forces of our world are doing, for what reason only they, God & the Devil  knows. Whatever, it certainly isn’t in the best interests of those residing on the Earth today.That projects such as Haarp & Geo-engineering is ongoing is becoming common knowledge. There is much now being discovered in various fields of science, sadly much of it in the wrong hands. From messing about causing pollution of our skies with constant  chemtrailing,  to causing massive tragedies (Tsunamis,Earthquakes,Droughts,Flooding & so on) to experimenting in genetics crossing species with other species of lifeforms that never should be tampered with. Whilst i applaud the good life -saving things achieved, i can, with the rest of humanity only despair over all the horrific  abuses. It reminds me of a line in an old Bob Dylan song: “You Play With My (Our)World Like It’s Your Little Toy.” That song goes back to the 1960s or ’70s. & is even more amplified now by the leaps & bounds along with the wicked intentions that accompany them.May God Help Us All

Ps. These activities pointed out by Rev Hopkins Mann,appear to have taken place under President Obama’s government.

Courtesy of Rev Michelle Hopkins Mann & You Tube

‘HAARP’ TTA’s in Antarcticaer and Australia Creating Havoc for Solomons, Santa Cruz & New Zealand ???

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