Islam’s Threat to America

pennine: This brilliant article Of Suthenboy puts things into perspective  that have been apparent to those with eyes to see for quite some time.A symbiosis between factions of the political hard leftist stance/Marxism with the radical forms of Islam.(Some may say the True Islam by the book) Each, though at variance (or you’d think it would be)on the ideological level, in that one is basically atheistic i.e. “religion being the opiate of the people.”And the other is a religion worshipping a deity. Both though have political ambitions, both want to rule the world-materialistically. I often wonder what would happen, if together they achieve this aim?

Oh to be a fly on the wall or a bird in the tree when both fight it out between themselves as to which of them both will be top dog!!


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Islam’s Threat to America

June 12th, 2017

Preamble: The purpose of this blog is to discuss the pivotal role Marxism is playing in accelerating the spread of Islam throughout Western civilization, and specifically, in America. In connection therewith, the following matters should be of concern to people that love America and want to ensure her traditions culture, and values are maintained.

  • Islam and Marxism are totalitarian ideologies seeking world domination. Inherent therein is loss of freedom of expression, thought control, the inversion of traditional values and social order.
  • The goal of Islam and Marxism is to destroy traditional Western culture then supplant it with their respective ideologies.
  • Islam is a proselytizing ideology that includes religion, culture, diet and law.
  • Western Europe is willfully extending open immigration to indigent tribal Muslim aliens claiming to be refugees while watching them destroy the traditions and cultures of its countries.
  • Every wealthy Middle East Gulf nation refused to admit these self proclaimed ‘refugees’ because they knew the ilk of garbage all too well.
  • The reason America is following suit.

I have intentionally omitted discussing the omnipresent threat of Islamic terrorism in this blog because doing so would be redundant. However, learn the truth about Islam in my blog, ‘Islam, the Ideology of Peace’ Here

Ironically, the powerful forces of Marxism and Islam are inadvertently working together to wreak havoc on traditional Western cultures and values. Western Europe has been the primary target because of geographical convenience while America remains in an embryonic stage on the periphery. Make no mistake, however, America is the Grand Prize.

Western Europe’s Open Borders: The consequences of Western Europe opening its borders to unvetted indigent tribal Muslims has been tantamount to self-inflicted suicide from which it will never recover. Naïve, politically correct inclusive Europeans are willfully allowing their countries to be over-run by these Muslim aliens whose culture is dramatically different from theirs. Below are some hard lessons being taught but falling on deaf ears or meeting with indifference: 

  • Muslim populations explode exponentially
  • Muslims do not assimilate but rather establish enclaves and ‘no go zones’
  • Muslims are indifferent towards hygiene and the environment
  • Native traditions, values, and cultures are being destroyed then slowly supplanted with Islamic culture and Sharia Law
  • Violent crimes, particularly rape and murder, committed by Muslims are dramatically increasing

Wake Up America: Only a delusional fool who has repressed 9/11 and is in denial of the Muslim invasion and devastation of Western Europe believes their tribal culture and comportment will change in America. However, most Democrats, some Republicans, the MSM, and many activist Federal judges legislating personal agendas are aggressively facilitating that end. Their ilk ignores Muslim enclave Dearborn; MI; opposes Trump’s prudent, limited travel ban; and seeks to maintain Obama’s egregious policy of open borders and generous welfare benefits to the world’s tribal indigent Muslims.

The Atlantic Ocean deters the easy access available to Muslim aliens in Western Europe where countries are in close proximity to each other. However, it did not prevent Obama from legally and illegally importing hordes of unvetted indigent Muslims to the U.S. under the guise of ‘refugee’. That stellar group and their issue continue taking full advantage of America’s munificence while failing to make any meaningful contributions to our country.

Their tribal Islamic culture, which encourages procreation, was not left in the Middle East and North Africa as Muslims populated America. They reproduce exponentially thereby rapidly swelling and strengthening their presence in the U.S. while propagating Islamic ideology. Read my blog, ‘Trump Inherits Obama’s Seeds of Destruction’, for more information on the proliferation and effects of Muslims in America Here

The Pivotal Role of Marxism: I have extensively discussed the inception, progression, dominance, destructive effect, and goals of Marxism, particularly its creation of political correctness, in past blogs. Read my blog, ‘Attacking Free Speech’ Here and comb the Archives if you are interested in learning the truth about political correctness.

Please indulge me while I put this into context by digressing into a brief history of Marxism relative to Western Europe, America, and Islam. Below are some salient facts to bear in mind while reading this blog.

  • Today’s Marxists are euphemistically called Progressives to mask their ideology and identity. Not surprisingly, most people that consider themselves Progressives are ignorant of the ideology they are propagating.
  • The Progressive’s worldview is Group-based Morality: ‘That which is moral is what best serves the interests of oppressed or marginalized ethnic, racial, and gender groups’.

Marxist’s Strategic Plan for Western Civilization: German intellectuals at the Frankfurt School in Frankfurt, Germany founded cultural Marxism, circa 1921. It replaced Marx’s failed Economic Marxism and is today’s Marxism. The founders had one goal: to annihilate traditional Western culture and values then supplant them with Marxist ideology. Their strategy was to catalyze a lengthy peaceful, indefensible cultural revolution whereby conventional authority and values would be intellectually and morally rejected.

As an aside, this came to fruition with the ’60s Counter Culture Revolution directed by founding member, noted professor Herbert Marcuse, who coined the term ‘make love not war’. The ramifications of that movement continue operating at full speed ahead today.

Societal Divisions and Power: The founding Marxists envisioned society as being divided into two basic groups based on, race, gender, and ethnicity. The dominant privileged oppressor possessed the power while the subordinate, marginalized, and oppressed group was powerless. The latter group included the economically challenged, women, racial minorities, homosexuals, etc., … i.e., today’s self- proclaimed ‘poor, historically disadvantaged victims of an oppressive White society’.

Transferring Power: The founders posited that transferring the correlation of power to the subordinate group from their dominant oppressors was essential to achieving their goal; political correctness was created as the crucial tactic to effect that end. Today the subordinate group is considered ‘sacred cows’ and well protected under America’s broad, inclusive, tolerant umbrella of political correctness.

Political correctness is a devious psychological control and command tactic used to force mass compliance with uniformity in the desired end-result. It is cleverly disguised and implemented by relentlessly criticizing and demonizing the dominant group member(s) as being insensitive to and depriving the oppressed victims of certain moral absolutes that included tolerance, inclusion, social justice, and diversity, the truth notwithstanding. Tactics include vicious ad hominem attacks, playing the race card, etc., intended to cause the non-compliant privileged offender to capitulate or be silent, and ultimately effect the desired power shift.

This power shift was intended to embolden and enable the ‘oppressed victims’ group to act, supplant the dominant oppressors and begin rejecting traditional culture, values, and authority inconsistent with the results they sought.

Gaining Momentum and Strength: The environment in America today makes it abundantly clear that this shift in power from the perceived dominant privileged oppressors to the subordinate oppressed group is occurring and rapidly gaining momentum. It is underpinned by political correctness which is pervasive; adversely affects our country; and significantly influences every level of academia where the focus is on White Guilt instead of traditional disciplines of study.

Political correctness also has a powerful effect on matters involving race and sexual orientation as well as the political and MSM arenas of hate, vicious ad hominem attacks, and lies. As you are well-aware, calling an individual a racist, sexist, Islamophobe, xenophobe, etc., is today’s norm, and typically directed toward straight White males who are considered societal pariahs.

Muslims Utilizing Political Correctness: As an unintended consequence of Marxist political correctness, its success has been observed by the patient, keen eyes of Muslim activists. They have seen the significant benefits so called “oppressed” minority groups have made waiving their usual banners of racist, sexist , etc., as they claim to be offended. Muslims know very well that in politically correct America they are considered a minority, and as such included as an “oppressed” group. Ergo, they take full advantage of the same leverage and power exercised by other so-called minority subgroups using the moral absolutes of inclusion, diversity, and tolerance that are inextricably linked to political correctness.

Effectively Working America’s System: The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Muslim Brotherhood’s arm for civil rights and advocacy, and other such activist groups have forged strong high level political ties in DC. This in large part attributable to their chief advocate, Obama, facilitating them easy access to his administration, hiring anti-American Muslims, and implementing a protective ‘pro-Muslim’ policy.

CAIR recognized how rapidly American citizens and businesses caved with little, if any, resistance by the mere thought of or being demonized as Islamophobic. They astutely take full advantage of this vulnerability and the alleged “offender” generally settles the matter to avoid being indicted for civil rights violations or incurring the expense of civil litigation. CAIR’s latest complaint is sniveling about the June 10, 2017 ‘March Against Sharia’ by thousands of concerned Americans in twenty cities across the U.S. who are fed up with Muslims being shoved down their throats.

The Thin End of Islam’s Wedge: America’s Muslim population is exploding, and unlike other minorities they are demanding and receiving extensive special treatment to avoid offending their culture. Examples include: private showers and prayer rooms in many public facilities; special treatment on airlines; special holidays and meals at schools; most levels of government and major corporations mandating sensitivity training relative to Islamic culture for all employees.

The dictates of reality and common sense tell us that America’s Muslim population will grow exponentially. Concurrently therewith their future demands will increase in frequency, breadth, and scope to the extent they continue to be met. If so, the obvious result will be an America whose cities, traditions, culture and values have been dramatically changed forever thanks to political correctness… and not for the better.

Ponder this simple question: Do you think decent Parisians ever imagined their once clean, elegant, vibrant city resembling a toxic landfill occupied by indigent tribal Muslims? The ‘City of Lights’ has indeed gone dark. Google ‘images of Muslims on Paris streets’ and see the disgusting sights for yourself.

Islam’s goal is to take over America, subvert her Constitution, and implement Sharia as the law of the land. The ideology is a malignant cancer metastasizing through the civilized world and must be excised. Do not sit back in naive denial and allow Europe’s ongoing devastating transformation into a virtual caliphate to happen in America. Support Trump’s limited ban and Oppose Sharia Now!

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