Hamas Hollywood Tactics Caught On Tape Again!

 pennine: Israel can’t be putting the boot in to these people enough if they’re having to fake it! Ironically the money paying for good quality make-up will be taken from the funds that people send after being moved by a show of these images in the first place.Stop insulting the intelligence of the world’s good people & taking the urine out of their kindness Pallywood.

Hamas Hollywood Tactics Caught On Tape Again!


Talk about fake news. Check out these makeup artists. Next time you see a report about atrocities committed against Arab children by Israel – make sure the “wounded child” is not sneaking a smile behind the mask of a bloody flesh wound.

These people know how to play on the heartstrings of the masses. Unbelievable!

Whether or not you support President Trump, he is 100% correct on labeling so much of what goes on today as “Fake News.”

From now on, bloody looking faces in the Middle East should raise an eyebrow and a question mark – Am I watching the real thing or a Hollywood skit?

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