Europe Is Dying, Weep The Italians

Courtesy of CyberBoris

Europe Is Dying, Weep The Italians

Italy is bearing the worst of the never ending flood of immigration, particularly from Africa.  Italians are pleading with the EU to listen and do something about the non-stop torrent of immigrants from other countries, because they simply cannot cope with the numbers.

The Express reported:  A furious Italian politician has declared “Europe is dying” over Brussels’ handing of the migrant crisis.  Luigi Di Maio, MP for the Five Star Movement, made the staggering claim as refugees continue to arrive in Italy in large numbers. 

He declared his nation was “alone” as the biggest migrant crisis since the 1940s continues to grip the continent.  Italy has taken in more than 85,000 refugees and migrants so far this year, making it the main point of entry into Europe.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Di Maio said: “That’s enough. On the topic of migration, Europe is dying today.

France and Spain threaten to close their ports, and Austria will deploy the army at the Brenner border crossing. ”

Bill Gates has also pleaded for the EU to do something before Europe is totally destroyed.  Mass rapes, crime, terror attacks – and Europe is too small to cope with all the immigrants forcing their way in because they want a new life. Immigration at its present scale is killing the continent.

The civilised world is dying, says President Donald Trump.  This is staring us in the face, and it is the fault of the EU chiefs, including Angela Merkel.

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