Staged Video Shows ‘Refugee’ Fake Drowning

pennine:As mentioned by Mr Watson, at this stage we don’t know for what purpose the clip has been filmed.  Ok if for a work of fiction, like a play or story etc.. BUT if it’s for fraudulent purposes i.e. to play on people’s kind hearts so  that it will provoke them into pressurising their governments into taking in more “refugees” (migrants) or to extract money, then that would be despicable, and have the potential of spoiling it for real genuine causes, as people won’t know who to trust anymore.
         Who are these Westerners assisting? Are these  people from the film industry (if they’re making it for a work of legitable  fiction) But if fraudulent, are they NGOs or some other criminal outfit,making money out of people-trafficking? Anyway, unless the ones involved see this prior to it  going public, if it shows up on the Mainstream (Fake) news,please know it has a good ending in that the person in the water is no where close to drowning.

Courtesy of Mr Paul Joseph Watson&DC Clotheseline &You-Tube

Staged Video Shows ‘Refugee’ Fake Drowning

Paul Joseph Watson


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